Despite MASSIVE RISK By Wall Street the U.S. Economy Is Rapidly Falling Apart!

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There’s no shortage of risk taking, that’s for sure. Wall Street is putting its pedal to the metal. This is a huge mistake obviously but you don’t get rewarded by being risk adverse. You get rewarded by extending everything to the absolute maximum and when you fail, the government will bail you out. Not for the little guy though. You get screwed…But regardless, what I show in this video is more very strange data. All of the money is leaving certain markets like equities and loan funds, yet they’re performing very well. Something is seriously messed up.

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I have done multiple videos about this and for some reason I’m constantly being ridiculed. It’s literally a fact from the EPFR! People are absolutely delusional! Wake up people, it’s the Roaring Twenties all over again!


Wall Street is known for taking risk, that’s for sure. We can look back a few decades and see that this has become more commonplace as bailouts and favorable regulations have made any method of gambling very easy and profitable. However, despite all of the unprecedented risk, the actual economy has weakened tremendously. What’s really going on?



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