Destruction of the middle class

by crice2315

I know you guys are noticing the growing rise in unemployment, inflation, and policies biden and his administration are putting out. We are in the beginning of the end and if you don’t see what’s coming in the next few years idk what to tell you. The middle class is being destroyed and they are doing it in a way almost nobody is noticing. Gas prices are predicted to be around 4 dollars by summer. The price of food and houses are rising as well. Making those with no job or people on low paying jobs struggle even more. The government has been pumping money into the economy and people are praising them but they seem to have no concept about where it’s coming from. News flash our country is in major debt and we give money to so many other countries it’s ridiculous and the fact that the printing of more money for these relief bills do nothing but make it harder for the working class pushing them out of security and into poverty. Anybody else who has been effected by this or wants to elaborate is appreciated.

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