Deutsche Bank Stock DROPS To Record Low! Ford To CUT 10% of Global Jobs!

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Do you think it is in the best interests of the media and government to always make things seem better than they are so people don’t panic?

Looking at the real scenario we have in front of us presents us with severe challenges. There doesn’t seem to be any way out of this mess at this point. We’ve gone too far. Banks will fail. Companies all over the world will go belly up. Central banks will pose as the savior as they print money out of thin air and buy up assets. Are you ready?


DBK.DE 6.64 -0.20 -2.89% : DEUTSCHE BANK AG NA O.N. – Yahoo Finance

Deutsche Bank shares hit record low as UBS downgrades stock to ‘sell’

deutsche bank merger – Google Search

Why Goldman Sachs should buy Deutsche Bank | Financial Times

Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank merger threatens 30,000 jobs | Business | The Guardian

Merger collapse plunges Germany’s biggest banks into uncertainty | Financial Times

Ford to cut 7,000 jobs by August, including 900 this week

Chipmaker stocks plunge on report they are dropping business with Huawei

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