Did President Trump Set Off A Bomb With Syrian Airstrikes?

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By Gabrielle Seunagal
Since the 45th President decided to launch airstrikes at Syria (in response to what appears to be leader Assad gassing his own people), the offshoots have been catastrophic. The Commander in Chief’s course of action engendered a swift divide amongst Trump supporter, some of whom are now pushing the inane conspiracy theory that Jared Kushner manipulated the President into launching the airstrikes. Others stated that President Trump’s actions demonstrated strength and boldness. Both positions have their merits, but since the President ran a campaign on putting America first, intervening in foreign affairs is a bit off putting.
How do you feel about the President’s course of action? Was it wise for him to launch air missiles at Syria or should America have avoided a battle that does not concern us? Arguments have been made for both viewpoints. One person stated that while President Trump’s actions are concerning, we should see where they lead and have faith in him. Another person slammed the people who withdrew their Trump support as “bleeping morons” and declared that those people should have waited to get all the facts. In all honesty, it is valid to censure those who no longer support the President. Disagreeing with Trump is absolutely reasonable, but to desert him is an entirely different matter.
Harsher critics of President Trump’s foreign policy have now lowered themselves to attacking his close relatives. His son-in-law Jared Kushner has come under scrutiny with many so-called ‘supporters’ who are calling for him to be fired. ‘#FireKushner’ trended on Twitter for hours last night. Some people apparently hold Kushner responsible for Trump’s choice to launch air missiles at Syria; these individuals have also resorted to blaming Kushner for every decision Trump makes that contrasts with their desires. They fail to grasp the reality that the President is responsible for his own decisions, not Jared Kushner. To imply that Trump is a puppet for Kushner is both unfounded and insulting to Trump’s intelligence. Supporters must accept that they will not always agree with the decisions of the Commander in Chief.
Critics have also highlighted allegations that Kushner donated to Democrats in the past and  labeled him as a “snake.” Those who use this argument to merit Kushner’s firing should be extremely careful. The President himself has donated to Democrats. Should he too be fired? The flagrant attacks aimed at Kushner absolutely ridiculous. Until there is unsubstantiated evidence that he is working to undermine the President or promote liberal policies, all accusations should cease to exist.
The past seven days have arguably been one of the most eventful weeks of Trump’s Presidency. Launching Syrian airstrikes is still a hot topic; many people are still weighing in and discussing conspiracy theories. Others are speculating about the strength of America and how we are perceived by other countries around the world. Almost everyone has their own opinions about the upcoming ramifications of Syrian airstrikes.
What events do you think will happen in the foreseeable future?

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58 thoughts on “Did President Trump Set Off A Bomb With Syrian Airstrikes?

  1. The writer has evidently devolved into a mere apologist for Trump. Trump chose to believe a pack of liars, which included Kushner and McMaster, and a fake story involving Assad and the use of chemical weapons. He did this (some say) for geopolitical reasons that had nothing to do with facts on the ground or truth. It (the cruise missile strike), according to Russia’s own Dmitry Medvedev, nearly caused a nuclear war with Russia. Trump is clearly a hazard and is dangerously unable to separate fact from fiction. Under these circumstances only a fool would continue to give him support.

    • The people who wanted him impeached for being a Russian agent, are cheering him for attacking Syria.
      Who knows, maybe Trump really did hack the DNC servers, thats how he found out Hillary was making deals with Russia and Uranium One. One of Bill Clinton’s largest speaking paychecks, came from a Russian bank, thanks to that deal.
      Psychological projection

      • Myself, couldn’t care less WHO Hacked DNC. It was the Substance, NOT the Source that mattered! Period. Snowden/Wikileaks/DNC Leaks are the “Pentagon Papers” of THIS Generation.

    • He could be impeached, because the Trump family runs a business out of the White House. Interesting that Trump sold realty in Florida to a sanctioned Russian oligarch and that the Trump group eyes now realty projects where they have never been allowed to go: Qatar and Bahrain.

  2. As a European I would like to point out that there is massive amount of skeptatism on the gas attack by Assad and the reasons why Trump attacked Syria. The mass media is seen as dishonest and not believed by the people. They are pushing the official lie, as is the mass media in theUS. Those who did support Trump are questioning both his honesty and his sanity, this is a pity as a very large number ot the people did have support for Trump.

  3. The idiot who wrote this article never mentions that Kushner is a orthodox jew whose politics vis a vis israel is extremely right wing. If that is not worth mentioning, then nothing is. Kushner’s star in the Trump admin is in the ascendancy while Bannon’s descends. The Syria strike is exactly what Netanyahu wanted.

  4. If Trump is going to reverse course this quickly, with so very LITTLE evidence or investigation, what if there is another “Newtown” shooting?! Will Trump issue an Executive Order to confiscate all guns???!!!
    WHO told you the Syrians used gas Pres. Trump? The “intelligence” community that is also accusing you of complicity with the Russians, That LIED about WMDs, that LIES about everything it touches. That has FAILED to grab Hillary’s servers for inspection after HOW MANY months?! F–K the “intelligence” community, it is not working for America.
    According to you, the “intelligence” community must be RIGHT about you and Putin.
    ISIS has been happily cutting people’s heads off, burning people alive in cages, on & on, and you want to tell me they would be squeamish about killing some kids for propaganda?! KMA.
    “Assad choked out the lives of helpless men, wome and children,” Trump said in remarks from Mar-a-Lago,…. “It is in this vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons.” ………… So we will no longer provide cluster bombs, white phosphorous, depleted uranium, to Israel and Saudi Arabia? Will Trump bomb Israeli airbases the next time Israel uses Cluster Bombs, W.P., D.U., on Concentration Camp GAZA? Trump is going to demand Israel sign the NPT and open it’s nuclear facilities up to International inspection?

    • It is said that he who does not heed his own advice is the most foolish of them all. A lying murderer is now in charge (again). He fluffed his test. Now the web will of necessity grow more tangled, as it does with every lie – if the Russians had control of that base, then they must have known about the chemical weapons! etc. Lie, upon lie, upon lie, until there’s war.

    • Trump has stop Russia from taking Syria, Obama at fast as Putin outsmarted him. Trump got turn it around to stabilize Middle East as saudi be next

  5. Chumpster wasn’t “manipulated” into doing anything. He’s a knowing, willing, participant in a carefully planned scheme to defraud the people on the U.S. Let’s face it, his whole campaign was nothing but a “bait and switch” scam.

  6. to me, the way Trump talks and looks, he is not very enthused about these events; is he following someone’s orders, was his team hijacked by the 250 -300 elite members who are no longer going to put up with him or us? not sure, but something is going on. according to the15 year old boy Nathan from Israel, from his recent after death experience, barry soetoro is Gog from the Bible, which means that he is not done yet.
    … it already sounds too crazy, right? i’ll stop here.

  7. Trump killed 62 Syrian soldiers when he bombed Syria…I bet Putin made him do it, I heard they’re best friends…
    Wait, that was Obama…so can he still be impeached or was it treason? Neither, it’s US policy, see below.
    US-led coalition aircraft strike Syrian army positions, kill 62 soldiers – military
    Gimme an “A”, “U”, “M”, “F”…whats that spell?
    Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against the Government of Syria to Respond to Use of Chemical Weapons
    The Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against the Government of Syria to Respond to Use of Chemical Weapons (S.J.Res 21) is a United States Senate Joint Resolution that would authorize President Barack Obama to use the American military to intervene in the ongoing Syrian Civil War.
    So thats why the neoliberalcons, hillary, the corrupt western media, and McCain are all excited…and are cheering LOUDLY. In fact Hillary said hours before the bombing that Assad’s airfields should be taken out and then Trump did just that, kinda.
    ‘Take Out His Airfields”: Hillary Clinton Comes Out of Woods to Warmonger
    McCain is angry that those planes are flying again. Hmpf. Poor baby. So will Trump strike again? Probably not until Rex meets Lavrov next week. Looks like McMaster is just as incompetent as Flynn…H.R. “gottah go”?
    General McMaster provides technical corroboration for Russian version of Syrian gas attack

  8. Bribery and blackmail is how the elite keep our politicians in line. Benjamin Fulford’s sources said Trump had sex with a 12 year old girl and it was caught on tape. They also said his presidency may likely be over due to this and his attack on Syria.

  9. Obama spent most of his presidency in Syria and now Trump is just carrying on the mission. There is no mystery and no real conspiracy that forced him do the air strikes. This policy has been going on for decades. Unless massive fundamental reforms are done to this government it will always be more of the same.

    • The problem is most Americans have never heard of THE GREATER ISRAEL PROJECT and, to make matters worse, they don’t care.

      • Unfortunately, most people are just trying to make due and do not take time to research things. I understand what you mean about Israel and its ambitions. At some point, our own government bares the responsibility for its own actions.

  10. Kushner, the neo-cons or men from Mars matter not. He needed permission from Congress before he launched as his ‘authority’ was NOT coming from the War Powers Act given there was no threat to the US. Without ‘lawful’ authority he committed a War Crime and broke International Law not to mention subverted the Constitution.
    I’ve lost a hell of allot of respect for the guy.

  11. How many false flags blamed on Assad, whose only real crimes are to protect Christians and Jews under his charge to go with a debt free central bank, must we see before we call BULL SHIT? Who but a fool doesn’t see this one for what it is?
    Trump should know he did something horribly wrong by the number of people who hate him that all of a sudden support him.
    By what right do we bomb a sovereign nation? Didn’t we decide we didn’t want this in this past election?

    • Let’s add another item: Exact same coverage in US, UK, French and German media. Usually when a non-false flag event happens, their reporting (and possibly even guesses at what happened) diverge at least to some extent.
      With false flag events, they’ve been fed what they’re supposed to say long in advance, and they will all report the exact same thing. It’s not a coincidence that WTC7’s collapse was reported 20 minutes before it actually happened not by CNN or Fox News, but by the BBC. They’re all in on it.

      • Quote: WTC7’s collapse was reported 20 minutes before it actually happened not by CNN or Fox News, but by the BBC.??
        Simple answer to tis ?? BBC has Doctor Who’s TARDIS & they went forward in time with it & then come back to the present with this news ??

  12. if trump wants to restore his credibility he needs to really focus on america first. how? by not following the scripted propaganda he was handed on syria. its right to attack those he is surrounded with,kushner has proven him self ultra pro israel. so tell us mr. trump,how you want to fix things and drain the swamp when nepotism is making the swamp bigger and smellier? trump owes the people of syria an apology as he owes assad.

  13. I’m one of the people the article accuses of being wrong in multiple ways. Obviously I disagree.
    I supported Trump mostly because he promised to stop the insane wars and the policies of regime change and empire building, and because of the promise to “drain the swamp” and “lock her up”, and stopping TTIP, TPP and TISA. (Not that I actually believed he’d deliver all of that).
    I disagreed with him on other things from the start. (While I think some immigration control is necessary and a good thing, “build the wall” is taking it too far, etc.)
    He isn’t even talking about “lock her up” anymore, his cabinet and advisory staff is filled with swamp creatures (so much about “drain the swamp”), and now he broke the promise of stopping the insane wars by actually taking actions likely to start one, over an incident that very likely was a false flag attack, committed by the side Trump is trying to help.
    His attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare failed badly because he didn’t have a proper replacement. He did put TTIP, TPP and TISA on hold, but that alone simply isn’t enough to support him.
    Make no mistake about it, I still think he is not as bad as Hitlery Clinton (who would probably have bombed Syria on her first day in office), but supporting him over that is like supporting Obama for being preferable over Stalin, or Bill Clinton for at least not being his wife.
    I’m also not (yet) at a point where I’d say he lost me forever, if he does things right from now on, he can regain my support (so to some extent I agree with people saying we need to wait). But as of right now, he doesn’t have it.
    People calling for firing Kushner are certainly right on track. Kushner is a swamp creature by any definition, he supports every single wrong decision ever made by Trump, and he’s getting more influential all the time. He also has a track record of feeding Trump with fake news in order to get him to make wrong decisions.
    This is not about Kushner having donated to Democrats in the past. So have many others, including myself. I’m an independent, and while I think both the Ds and Rs are corrupted and prefer 3rd parties, I’m supporting both reasonable Ds and reasonable Rs. While I can’t stand Obama and pretty much predicted what he would do when he was running in 2008, I’ll admit to doing what I could to get him elected anyway simply because the other choice was warmonger-in-chief McCain who would have gone through with his plans to bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran (thereby starting World War 3, Russia would not have stood by idly).
    It is about Kushner supporting war and Wall Street, being best buddies with Netanyahu and supporting his plans to build more illegal settlements in Palestinian territories (I’m not antisemitic and I think many Jews are good people – but Netanyahu is certainly not one of those), and getting massive investments from George Soros (show me any non-swamp creature who did).
    Kushner is a swamp creature who seems to be wrong on just about every issue. If he has any redeeming qualities, I’d like to see them, but so far I haven’t.
    What do I think will happen in the foreseeable future? Unless Trump wakes up (which is more likely if he sees his former supporters speaking out against his current actions, so keep it coming), he will launch another strike against Syria, and the next time Russia may not just give him a free pass. Every missile fired at Syria, every bomb dropped on Syria, increases the likelihood of World War 3, and that isn’t pretty at all.
    If he does wake up and realize he has been tricked, he might do the right thing and go after those who staged the chemical weapons false flag attack (and Mr. Trump, if you or your advisors are reading, here’s a hint: It’s probably not a coincidence that John McCain was visiting his terrorist buddies in Syria both just before the chemical weapons attack in 2013 and just before the chemical weapons attack in 2017). That could actually result in some good — but it is far less likely to happen, given how much Trump enjoys finally being portrayed as the “good” one for his wrongdoing by the corrupted media.

    • The fact that they would like to see go down the memory hole is that the DNC stole the primary from Bernie Sanders and it was Sanders who should have faced trump and he would have beat him handily. How about some justice mr. amerikan? You know, it goes with freedom and democracy and all the other crap you pay lip service to.

      • Exactly. I don’t know how well President Sanders would have done (I like a number of things about him, some others, not so much…), but there’s NO way he’d have been as bad as Hitlery (in fact, my WORST fear about him is that he might have given her a job in his administration to re-unite the party).
        And while there’s still a FEW things to like about Trump (good riddance, TPP and TTIP), he’s starting to look more and more like he’s under the complete control of Bush/Clinton clones.

  14. If the shoe fits. I haven’t totally abandoned Trump, yet, but this strike does make him look stupid. While introducing many new questions? It did not look bold, it looks rash, knee-jerk.

  15. Trump the lying neocon. 45 times hesqid don’t attack Syria because it would start WW3. We voted for him on that basis. And now, he turns out to be a yuuuuuge liar. A bigly liar. And I, who VOTED for him CAN’T stand him.
    He lied about healthcare, lied about taxes and lied about Syria. Trump is the swamp.

  16. Trump has turned his back on every one who voted for him and has surrendered to the deep state. We have no recourse left now except for the last-ditch protections the Founders placed into the Bill of Rights.

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