Did the Carter Page FISA Warrant Allow Them to Spy on Other Trump Officials? Update: It allowed them to spy on up to 25000 people close Trump

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Why would they still renew warrants for Carter Page in 2017 when he was not even part of the Trump administration? There could not have been any valuable information from just Carter Page at the time of the renewals? Yet the FBI falsified documents and lied to the FISA court to get these renewals. So they must have seen great value in keeping the FISA warrants open. They really wanted these for some reason. Which begs the question, did the Carter Page FISA warrant allow them to spy on several other Trump officials who had contact with Carter Page in the past?

Just found this:

Journalist Sharyl Attkisson, the host of “Full Measure,” follows up on her interview with former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell about her allegation that the “entire Russia collusion narrative was made up” by anti-Trump political partisans in the FBI and Department of Justice. Attkisson reports how one FISA warrant against Trump staffer Carter Page could be used to legally surveil 25,000 people who were associated with him:


Look at this! The surveillance would have included Trump’s phone also.


SIDNEY POWELL: And what most people don’t understand is, they don’t just get everything they want against Carter Page, they get everything they want against every person who communicated with Carter Page, and against every person who communicated with that person. So it goes out what’s called two hops.

SHARYL ATTKISSON: And that would allow them to find intelligence from someone nowhere near the original center that they went to the FISA Court about?

SIDNEY POWELL: Exactly. They could have all kinds of banking records and personal information on tens of thousands of people by virtue of those FISA applications.



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