Did Theresa May Really Resign Over Trump Russia SpyGate Coup Attempt?

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3 days ago:

Devin Nunes gives Trump list of questions to ask Theresa May about Steele dossier

3 days ago:

Theresa May’s spy chiefs were briefed on explosive Christopher Steele dossier before Donald Trump

2 days ago:

Trump: I Might Ask Theresa May About Rumors UK Worked With CIA On Russia Hoax

1 day ago:
Theresa May Resigns: A Political Obituary

Nunes returned to office two days ago, with a letter to President Trump suggesting a series of questions to ask the British premier: among these, if US intelligence agents have informed their British counterparts of the contents of the dossier or any other accusation of collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia; if the British government was informed of, gave permission for, or participated in surveillance and intelligence activities of any government against members of the Trump Campaign; whether current or former British officials and officials have forwarded information, classified or otherwise, to US counterparts about alleged contacts between members of the Trump Campaign and suspected Russian agents; whether on the British side, an assessment of Steele’s reliability and motivation has been provided to current or former intelligence agents and government officials.

But one of the questions concerns Mifsud and takes us back to Italy: President Trump asks May to “describe any communication or relationship that Joseph Mifsud, potentially known – writes Nunes – also as Joseph di Gabriele (a code name that does not sound very British , ed), had with the British intelligence and any information in the possession of the British government about the ties of Mifsud with any other government or intelligence agency “.


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