Did they just CALL for the STORM? help out

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Did they just vote about next step? Surely hope something is happening to stop this insanely corrupt nightmare we are in.

I don’t know, but got a hunch. Normally these people do not post within a 45-min time span but, here are their messages (and where I live this means they all posted in the middle of the night):

Powell about Insurrection Act:
(retweet time 7:32)

Ron about the EO:
(time 6:48 referring to “Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election”)

(time 6:51)
Linn (declas everything?)

(time 7:34)
Jenna (team Trump legal posts “100” as in percent)

People with mostly good intel just after:

I may just be searching for a pattern not there, but these tweets clicked something, somehow.

Please add to the list if you can see the pattern. We will probably know in the coming days.




h/t Endless Speck


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