Did you know? (The Federal Reserve Facts)

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by BruLee2

1) The Federal Reserve Act was concocted by a group of banks and politicians at a secret meeting on Jekyll Island in 1911?

2) That it established government-sponsored but private-banking system which controls interest and credit, issues our money, and therefore controls our economy?

3) That in passing this Act, Congress surrendered one of its most vital constitutional mandates to a consortium of private financiers and thereby created an all-powerful fourth division in the federal government?

4) That the Fed was “sold” to the American people as permanent safeguard against depressions, panics, inflation, and deflation: but that Charles A. Lindbergh, father of the Lone Eagle, correctly foretold that the Fed would create panics and depressions “scientifically”?

5) That both World Wars – which made hundreds of billions for the financiers, could not have been financed without the Fed?

6) That the Fed caused the panic of 1920-21, the stock market explosion of 1926-1929 and the great collapse of 1929?

7) That it caused terrible depression to continue for ten years in order to liquidate the middle class and condition the people for war?

8) That the Fed can cause the stock market to go up or down by rigging interest rates and by buying bonds through its Open Market Committee?

9) That the member banks of the Fed obtain government bonds for nothing and use them to lend up ten times or more of their value at high interest on good collateral?

10) That the FIAT money now being issued by the Fed is unconstitutional and could become as worthless as the continentals?

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Source: The Federal Reserve and our Manipulated Dollar : With Comments on the Causes Of Wars, Depressions, Inflation and Poverty, (1975,1983 Edition), by Martin A. Larson




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