Digenova: Mueller Left Cell Phone In Oval After Fbi Interview And Spied On Trump

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This is pure dynamite. Great commentary by DiGenova as usual. He emphatically states that Mueller left a cell phone in the Oval Office after his FBI interview with Trump the day before becoming Special Counsel, in order to spy on the meeting that followed his interview/meeting. This is explosive. He also rips on shill in chief Andrew Napolitano.


“Something very interesting that hasn’t been written about occurred,” diGenova told guest host Gregg Jarrett. “Bob Mueller went into that meeting with [Deputy Attorney General] Rod Rosenstein, and it was just three of them in the Oval Office, and Bob Mueller had a telephone, a cellphone,” diGenova told Jarrett.

“He left that cellphone in Oval Office after the meeting. And it is now believed by many people that cellphone was used to broadcast the meeting between the president, Rod Rosenstein, and Bob Mueller, back to FBI headquarters, where they recorded the conversation with the president,” diGenova said, before adding that Mueller likely left the phone there to “record what happened after they left.”


h/t ProfessorWhistleTitz


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