“Director of Policy”, speaking publicly about Reddit policy.

Seven months ago saying:

  • [0:30] – “all of those message boards are user created and user moderated.”
  • [0:45] – “content policy has two levels .. I and my team set from the top”
  • [1:33] – “User moderators are free and in fact encouraged by us to set their own much more specific rules for their little slice of the website that are appropriate to their communities.”
  • [2:25] – “they’ve decided amongst theirselves again without any type of our company involvement.”
  • [3:00] – “You can imagine what a disaster it would be in terms of outcry if we at the corporate level tried to set a policy saying this is a legitimate news source, this isn’t, but we let the communities figure it out for themselves and it works.” “And you know if a user doesn’t agree with particular policy of a subreddit they are absolutely free to go and start their own subreddit with their own rules and whitelist”
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h/t upvoatz


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