Discoverer of HIV: “I Will Not Get Vaccinated” – Nobel Prize Winner French Virologist Professor Luc Montagnier

“Carry your [medical] title like doctors, not like sheep”

“Everything is very simple. Variants come from vaccination ,” the Nobel laureate replied. “The virus has a very strong ability to change, like other RNA viruses. The flu virus is another such example.”

“This is an unforgivable historical mistake. One day we will summarize this ,” the scientist said. “Because it was vaccination that gave rise to the emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 mutations .”

“It is unthinkable for someone to be vaccinated in the midst of a pandemic of the Chinese virus”

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And then there is this: House Democrats rejected a plan this week that would have required immigrants to the United States to take one of three available Chinese coronavirus vaccines despite mandates on American citizens from President Joe Biden’s administration.

Why is that?


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