DISEASE X Global Pandemic of Mystery Disease Could Wipe out Humanity, Top scientists Warn

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Disease X
The World Health Organization has highlighted the potential danger of a deadly, as-yet-unknown pathogen.

Each year, the global health body convenes a meeting of senior scientists in an effort to put together a concise list of the most likely diseases to cause a major international public health emergency.
While it isn’t surprising to see viruses such as Zika and Ebola make it on to the list, this time around something unexpected has been added – a mysterious malady referred to only as ‘Disease X’.
As it turns out however, this unspecified disease is actually a placeholder.
“Disease X represents the knowledge that a serious international epidemic could be caused by a pathogen currently unknown to cause human disease,” WHO said in a statement.
With the potential for gene editing to produce a disease far deadlier than anything ever seen before, it is not difficult to see why health authorities are being advised to expect the unexpected.
“History tells us that it is likely the next big outbreak will be something we have not seen before,” said John-Arne Rottingen, chief executive of the Research Council of Norway.
“It may seem strange to be adding an ‘X’ but the point is make sure we prepareand plan flexibly in terms of vaccines and diagnostic tests.”
“We want to see ‘plug and play’ platforms developed which will work for any, or a wide number of diseases; systems that will allow us to create countermeasures at speed.”

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Norwegian scientist and WHO adviser John-Arne Rottingen told The Daily Telegraph it represents the importance of flexibility in vaccines and diagnostic tests.

Disease X could arise out of man-made means rather than from nature.

It is feared that chemical and biological weapons are increasingly being produced and used.

And they could be especially dangerous because humans have not built up any resistance to them over time, so can spread rapidly.

The Conspiracy Of The New World Order World War 3 The Secret
The genocidal depopulation plan generally involves poisoning or sterilizing people through the use of chem. trails or water fluoridation. Agribusinesses transnational like Monsanto are often implicated in some sort of scheme to monopolize the world’s food supply so it can be easily tainted with deadly toxins. Just about anything that can be said to involve “chemicals” can be implicated in this nefarious scheme: vaccines, alleged covert geo-engineering schemes, genetically modified food, etc.

Germ warfare

The WHO is worried a new international public health crisis could come from any direction.
The flu virus continues to rapidly mutate and new exotic pathogens keep jumping to humans from animals.
“These diseases pose major public health risks, and further research and development is needed, including surveillance and diagnostics,” it states.
But a recent explosion in gene editing technology — such as CRISPR — has come at a bad time.
It highlights how post-World War II taboos against the use of nerve and poison gas, as well as weaponised bacteria and viruses, have been breaking down.
North Korea stands accused of using a nerve agent to kill the brother of their leader, Kim Jong-un.
Russia stands accused of using a radioactive substance to murder a former spy in Britain in 2006. It’s again been implicated in a nerve-agent attack on another spy, Sergei Skripal, earlier this month.
Syria — after promising to hand over all its chemical weapons several years ago — is once again being accused of unleashing toxic substances against its own population in towns and suburbs under the control of rebel forces.
The WHO points out that synthetic diseases will face no natural immunity in the world’s population. Nobody has ever been exposed to them before. So their immune systems haven’t found any weak spots in such a disease.
This means a deliberate outbreak is likely to spread fast, with a high level of fatality.
And the increasing ease with which genetic material can be crafted makes the likelihood of a ‘rogue’ researcher crafting biological weapons that much more likely.
The globalists master plan of depopulation has been exposed, they are now so open about it that even their goal of killing 98% of the population has been revealed. 

6 thoughts on “DISEASE X Global Pandemic of Mystery Disease Could Wipe out Humanity, Top scientists Warn

  1. First we were told that bubonic plague was in Madagascar and would spread, then we heard of another Ebola outbreak, then the flue with a strain that could not respond to vaccine, now this!!! Make up your mind!!!!

  2. “It may seem strange to be adding an ‘X’ but the point is make sure we prepareand plan flexibly in terms of vaccines and diagnostic tests.”
    What nonsense. We should know several things; these horrible pathogens will come out of a bio-lab just like AIDS, Ebola and Marburg. These horrible pathogens will NOT BE that Horrible if they are NOT INJECTED into your arm.
    How do the Elite Protect Themselves
    “During the past year, during the WHO and FDA’s hoax “H1N1 Pandemic” people stayed away from Swine Flu vaccine in droves. They did not get their flu shots. This was the lightest flu season since vaccines for flu were introduced. In fact,
    the vaccines CREATE the epidemic. Read the FDA-approved inserts. There is not one shred of evidence that we are being menaced by a new tide of Swine Flu danger this coming flu season. The FDA has announced that a NEW H1N1 vaccine, untested, will be incorporated into this season’s worthless and dangerous ‘seasonal flu vaccines’.” Doctor Rima Laibow MD
    Vaccine will kill more people than Ebola
    Many people ask how do the elite protect themselves from a Political Pandemic as this Ebola appears to be. The solution is as simple as can be and does not require the chosen ones and their families to Do much of anything, let alone take
    a toxic “vaccination”
    To understand how this can be, here is how a Political Pandemic operates.
    1) Develop a bio-weapon
    2) Introduce the weapon, ironically often through a “vaccination”. “The Seasonal Flu Shot” is a great means to deliver ANYTHING. Please avoid, especially this year, during an Ebola outbreak or any year.
    3) Make sure the weapon is widespread enough to induce FEAR through DEATH, pandemics are FEAR driven; the FEAR is much more important than the weapon.
    4) Develop a “vaccine” against the bio-weapon
    5) Introduce the “vaccine” into the market; if the FEAR is sufficient many tens of millions will gladly take this NON SUFFICIENTLY TESTED, EMERGENCY CERTIFIED (all risk is your risk) “vaccine”.
    6) Make sure say for starters 1 in 10,000 – 100,000 “vaccinations” contain the live Ebola virus. This always toxic (and sometimes DEADLY) “Ebola vaccine” is likely manufactured in Communist China or a reliable (Proven Totally Eugenic) USA source such as Baxter Labs.
    7) Sit back and watch the pandemic develop
    So you see how those in the know protect themselves. NO NEEDLES that is all. You can follow their lead.

  3. The Bird Flu didn’t work. The Swine Flu didn’t work. The regular flu doesn’t work. Ebola doesn’t work. So now they’ve decided that a pandemic is coming for a mystery disease that no one even knows what it is. Quick!!! Everyone get your vaccine for this mystery illness before we can figure out what it even is!

    • LOL but true.
      The pathogen does not matter what is important to be sure to get your “shot” which just may contain the pathogen, whatever it is.

  4. i suggest those “scientists” stop messing around with pathogens just because they can,and want to see what will happen.

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