Disney fairytale comes to and end!

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by Sampson2003

Disney world is supposed to reopen on July 11th with reservations and Disney land July 17th. Obviously with Florida now hitting all time high spikes on Covid you are going to have many vacationer boomer grandparents cancelling vacations to the sunshine state of death and along with the Disney world reservations. On top of that the odds of they pushing a delay on that are pretty good. Expecting the fud on Disney to start end of June early July! Next Disney bounce load up on July 17th $100 Disney puts

The $100 Disney puts are July/17 for $113 as of Friday.. though the market took a doo doo and is bigly red after 4 pm when Robin Hood closes so the price probably will go up. I would buy them on a Disney pump Green Day as we have time and the Covid vision is still hesitant for many.. I’m putting in orders good for forever for 5 at $80 and 5 at $90 and 5 at $100 Monday Think the price pumped on the vix jump with drop off Friday. If they execute sometime in the next week sweet, if not oh well not going to chase them.

Don’t bet against the mouse except when it makes sense Disney puts $100 7/17


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