Diversity is Not Our Greatest Strength, It is Destroying Us

by Robert Carbery

In the wake of the recent terrorist truck attack in Manhattan perpetrated by an Uzbek immigrant in the U.S. on a diversity visa, we should look at whether or not diversity for its own sake has any positive benefits to us.
Brett Stevens of Amerika.org recently wrote a piece detailing how science proves that diversity is not only bad for us, it actually tears us apart and destroys civilizations.
The analysis he dives into and highlights on his website discusses how for more than twenty-five years, truth-tellers have “been pointing out that diversity destroys social order and is dysfunctional as a policy as a result.” Diversity advanced as a policy by politicians will always fail, but this failure will occur incrementally, over a long period of slow decline. Our society will be taken down by this ridiculous urge to diversify our populace, no matter who we let in as long as we get people that are “different.” Because diversity is our greatest strength!
Because so many see diversity as such a positive, making a case against it is seen as hateful and bigoted. However, a recent paper titled “Culture, Ethnicity, and Diversity” in the American Economic Review confirms that diversity and multicultural society results in conflict. This will not come as a shock to anyone that views the data and today’s reality objectively. The research in the study found that “in societies where individuals differ from each other in both ethnicity and culture, social antagonism is greater, and political economy outcomes are worse.” Basically, wherever there are multiple cultures in one specific region, there is more conflict that cannot be avoided. The divisions between cultures will inevitably result in a fractious and ineffective political system.
Wherever there are groups of people that value different things in life, there will eventually be some kind of conflict, no matter what. Whichever group or culture of people has children faster, they will take over the dominant culture of whatever geography they are inhabiting. An invasive species tends to be aggressive toward whatever native species is already in a certain area. The same is true in human societies today.
One example Stevens notes is the flight of those who became Europeans into less hospitable climates up North. He writes, “when food is abundant, intelligence is not rewarded, and so the coarser take over from the finer. When each decision about survival becomes more difficult, then nature rewards the more intelligent finer species.” And so, when clashes occur in diverse cultures, the dominant or native people will fight back against the newcomers. When it comes down to it, intelligence is awarded only when it can be used for one’s advantage under the proper circumstances.
Diversity is not something we should promote for its own sake. We should allow people into our great country only if they are going to contribute something positive to our culture or our economy. We cannot just randomly let people in on a lottery-based system like we did the Uzbek who ran over bicyclists in Manhattan the other day. We need law and order and a merit-based immigration system like just about every other country in the world has. Even Canada.
As wealthy countries such as ours stop marrying and having babies, they require additional immigration to grow the prime-age workforce. However, this inflow of new people into our borders will create division and xenophobia will rear its ugly head sooner or later. We cannot let in immigrants we do not need. Sure, we should respect other people’s cultures and respect one another — who are in our country legally, however, we should not bend over backwards to let people into America who contribute little to nothing to our society and do not hold the same values as us.
There “is a growing body of evidence that as rich majority-white countries admit more foreign-born people, far-right parties thrive by politicizing the perceived threat of the foreign-born to national culture,” Stevens writes. “That concept will sound familiar to anybody who watched the 2016 U.S. presidential race, but it’s a truly global trend. A 2015 study of immigration and far-right attitudes in Austria found that the proximity of low and medium-skilled immigrants ‘causes Austrian voters to turn to the far right.’”
In other words, it’s okay to be white. And it’s okay to defend your culture.
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17 thoughts on “Diversity is Not Our Greatest Strength, It is Destroying Us”

  1. Neo-Marxists created all the “divide and conquer” groups to destroy unity–that which is necessary for a civil society. They killed “God” –our “Justice” (virtue) System (our “legal” system) so they could promote vice, satanism, Ba’al rites of sodomy and baby-killing, etc. As Cicero noted, when you corrupt the Justice System (and don’t promote “public virtue” which is essential in ALL Just Law), you will collapse civilization. Only “Just Law” is constitutional. The “Kill God” (Christianity) groups needed to destroy our Constitution, which was based on Rule of Law (God’s Laws/Higher Laws) so they could promote irrationality and evil to corrupt all the next generations.
    Without Virtue, freedom is impossible. (Socrates/Cicero/Aquinas/Founders). When we remove Rule of Law for Rule of Oligarchy (judges) which we have now, we will allow all the irrational evil lies, like “diversity is our strength”. No, unity–esp. on the foundational issues of where our Natural Rights come from —only GOD—, is our strength, or else you will get chaos.

    • neo Marxists are jews . jews like schumer started the die-versity lottery . schumer described himself as the voice and guardian of Israel in the senate but no diversity for Israel. ALL NEO CONS AND SUPPORTERS OF ISRAEL ARE FOR OPEN BORDERS FOR NON WHITES ONLY . any suicidal white that supports Israel is a traitor

      • An appropriate saying in response to your vile comment is, “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and let some think you a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.” Chucky will have to answer for his own actions someday, but your over-generalizations are also way over the top.

        • jews invented and implemented communism. their other gifts to humanity are gay marriage feminism die-versity quota hires affirmative blacktion financing and organizing every pro non white immigration group in the country BLM LA RAZA $SPLC ACLU LGBTQ NAACP BLACK PANTHERS and EVERY anti white anti Christian group in the country. any questions?

  2. We don’t need replacement workers, because technology has lifted the productivity of the remaining workforce.
    and we don’t need to attempt to prop up the Ponsi schemes of social security.

  3. “Diversity is Not Our Greatest Strength, It is Destroying Us”….please!!!, will someone please inform our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who just can’t refrain from repeating this oxymoron, “diversity is our greatest strength”.

  4. Thank you for this. I have been onto this for quite some time, it is good to see normie blogs catching on to it. It’s awesome to be white and we should defend our people. In fact the world is diverse and God put people in different places for a reason, if we melt into one like the jewz promote, we will become one brown mixed rootless tradition-less slave people. Has anyone noticed that the only outwardly promoted ethnostate is Israel?? Of course Asians have not bought this multicultural BS too but they don’t advertise it like the joooz as a Jewish state. Btw, has anyone here read the revelations on MLK (real name Michael King) that was released with the JFK FBI files? He was a plagiarist, sex addict, and his speeches were written by a jew named Levison who openly said KKing was slow…

  5. Wait a minute, wait a minute so now…you are saying Hitler was right?
    Only the purist should rule/live. If you are not pure them, you should be killed?
    How Nazi of you.
    You do realize that regime lost over 70 years ago; and your grand parents defeated them along allied with with the Russians (tons of ethnics), Chinese(same here), English (and you know they are the real mongrels)
    They all worked together and defeated a common enemy.
    Hey, Hey, Monkey picture. You do know that monkeys resemble white people due to their white skin, Right?

  6. Excellent article and way to quote Brett Stevens. “Diversity is racism” he has also been known to say. Its OK to be White and the sooner we can meme this into the mainstream, the faster the White man can realize who the real (((Enemy))) is.

  7. Like just about everything, SOME diversity is good (someone with a different background may come up with a different solution for a common problem), but there’s also such a thing as too much of it (too little unity).


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