DNC Chair Tom Perez ‘went Pretty Bananas’ – Is Threatening State Democratic Parties Over Voter Data

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Robert Laurie for the Conservative Tribune reports, DNC chairman Tom Perez wants the DNC to have absolute, for-profit, control over Dem voter data.

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DNC chairman Tom Perez wants the DNC to have absolute, for-profit, control over Dem voter data.  He doesn’t want state Democratic parties joining forces, sharing that info, and cutting out the national party. He recently caught wind of a plan that would do just that and responded with a nasty letter to state party leaders that has been characterized by recipients as “petulant,” “highly disappointing,” and “wholly inappropriate.”

Heck, even CNN anchor Brianna Keilar says he “went bananas” on the subject.

“The DNC chair, Tom Perez, wants voter data, right, from Democrats in the states. He’s trying to build this big, for-profit database. This is a big deal that he’s trying to do this, but he kind of went pretty bananas on these state Democrats, threatening to cut them off from using DNC resources that are basically just from the DNC that they lend out, like organizing tools, campaign tech tools, tools that actually in the hands of state democrats would favor the party nationally.”

She asked Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, what he thought of Perez’s move.

Mook answered, “Well it’s really complex. The data arrangement in our party is a little bit more complicated than for the Republicans.”

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