DNC Members Discuss Changing Rules To Stop Sanders From Getting Nomination At Convention

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Members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) have reportedly started discussing the implementation of a plan aimed at harming Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a socialist, in hopes of derailing his campaign.

“In conversations on the sidelines of a DNC executive committee meeting and in telephone calls and texts in recent days, about a half-dozen members have discussed the possibility of a policy reversal to ensure that so-called superdelegates can vote on the first ballot at the party’s national convention,” Politico reported. “Such a move would increase the influence of DNC members, members of Congress and other top party officials, who now must wait until the second ballot to have their say if the convention is contested.”

Politico noted that it’s an uphill battle for those who want the rule change, but that “the talks reveal the extent of angst that many establishment Democrats are feeling on the eve of the Iowa caucuses.”

“The decision to relegate superdelegates – now called ‘automatic delegates’ – to the second ballot in a contested convention consumed the DNC for nearly two years after the 2016 election. Superdelegates overwhelmingly sided with Hillary Clinton, infuriating Sanders’ supporters,” Politico added. “The rule change was widely viewed as a major victory for the Democratic Party’s left flank. At the time, Perez called the delegate overhaul ‘historic,’ while progressive Democrats and many moderates lauded its appeal to young voters skeptical of centralized party power.”




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