Do Biden voters realize you voted to become poor? You voted for rampant inflation? Biden promised to “end fossil fuel.”

by Ok_Magician_1194

Biden promised to “end fossil fuel.” From Day 1 of his presidency, he has sabotaged US oil production. US isn’t even at pre-pandemic production levels. Oil prices and overall inflation have skyrocketed because there is less global supply, same demand. Russians/Saudis took market share, record profit

Biden and Democrats enriched Russia and Saudis. Your green dreams are a WEF fantasy. You’ve made us all poor for zero reason. China will continue unlimited CO2 emissions and raise global CO2 emissions every year indefinitely.

“In intimate moment, Biden vows to ‘end fossil fuel’”

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“Biden suspends oil and gas leasing in slew of executive actions on climate change”

“Biden suspends Trump-era oil drilling leases in Alaska’s Arctic refuge”

“Why Biden energy policies have contributed to surging oil prices”

“US federal oil and gas leasing hits historically low levels Sept. 11, 2022 Under Biden, leased acreage at lowest levels since 1940s.”


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