Do not underestimate Hungarians! 1956 revolution against communnism

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Two more days left before October 23rd.

52 years ago Hungarians, a country with then less than 10 million inhabitants made the invasive USSR shake for a few weeks.

Now they are making the invasive EU (USSR v2.0) shake.

Expect the EUSSR to soon crumble just like its predecessor.

Just sayin… 🙂


Do not forget about Polish revolution of 1944 against the Nazis in Warsaw!

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August 1 is a special day for Poland.

That day, Poland commemorates one of the most heroic acts of bravery that ever took place in the fight for freedom during WW2. Poland commemorates the anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising that gave Poland freedom. On the evening of 1 August 1944, shots rang out across the city of Warsaw as some 40,000 poorly armed Polish citizen soldiers, mostly young people in the age of 20, including men and women, backed by almost the entire city population, attacked the well-equipped, well-fortified German garrison. The first European capital captured by Adolf Hitler’s armies was fighting back.

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Every year, August 1 in Warsaw looks like this:

Warsaw Uprising documentary

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