Do You Think The Elite Are Preparing For The Next Financial Crisis?

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When the world’s most powerful families like the Rothschild’s start to prepare for worsening conditions, it’s best we take notice. Of course they have an agenda but some of their actions are public. That allows us to track their progress and monitor the results. So what exactly is Sweden’s biggest banking dynasty telling us about future events?


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Sweden’s 15 most powerful families – and how they got incredibly rich – Business Insider Nordic–and-how-they-got-incredibly-rich-2017-11/

Wallenberg Family’s Investor AB Prepares for Global Downturn

Wallenberg Family’s Investor AB Prepares for Global Downturn

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INVESTOR AB Top Holdings

Sweden’s Top 15 Trading Partners

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Salvini and Di Maio ready to review the maneuver: new deficit ceiling at 2.1 – Il Foglio

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