Does anyone else feel that they’re becoming desensitized to all of the coronavirus news?

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by IAmDrinkingIcedTea

I feel that I was incredibly invested into staying current with COVID-19 stats and news during February and the first half of March. I paid close attention to rising numbers; essentially seeing live updates for the first 2k or so cases here in the United States. I recall viewing projections that the first week of April would show 1000+ deaths per day. My wife and I have been staying inside as much as possible and following all precautions if we do leave (masks, distancing, etc).

Now that testing, confirmed cases, and deaths are rising—I just don’t feel as invested, and I don’t feel the weight/significance as much as I did.

Perhaps it’s just a personal thing, I’ve been struggling with motivation as I’ve been indefinitely furloughed. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing anything similar.



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