Does Pete Buttigieg Make Anyone Else’s Tinfoil Hat Tingle?

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by BeerAndCope

Pete Buttigieg. 38 years old. Mayor of a city of 100,000. Virtually unknown. How does that person come out of no where and get national media coverage as a legitimate presidential candidate before the debates or caucuses even begin? How does that person come out of no where and stand on the national debate stage for the democratic nomination for President of the United States? It is impossible that happened organically.

I know people will say, he has billionaires bankrolling him and that allowed him to reach this level so quickly. Ok, that makes it more plausible. Assuming that is the case, my question is still how? How does a random small town mayor get some billionaires to bankroll him for president? It doesn’t make any sense to me. If I had a few billion dollars and the mayor of my local 100,000 pop city asked me to bank roll his campaign as the democratic nominee for President of the United States I would be asking him if he thinks I like flushing my money down the toilet.

In addition, still assuming he got billionaires to bankroll him, is that all it takes to be on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, ect as a legitimate major party nominee candidate for president? Hypothetically, can anyone be nationally recognized as a legitimate presidential candidate for a major party as long as they have a few million dollars to burn leading up to the first caucus? I highly, highly doubt it.

My tinfoil hat is tingling. There is something more here.


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