Dogecoin 12,000% Rally Spurs Hunt for Next Crypto Winner… Cuban: Dogecoin Will Hit $1 — Become Stablecoin…

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Mark Cuban: Dogecoin Will Hit $1 And Become a Stablecoin
Mark Cuban thinks Dogecoin is headed straight for $1—and will stay there. The reason? It’s becoming more of a utility, he argues.

Dogecoin was created in 2013 purely as a joke to reference the internet’s favorite Shiba Inu dog meme. But its recent price surge—up 23,000% in the past year to an all-time-high this week of 69 cents, making it the No. 4 coin by market cap—is no laughing matter.

And Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire investor who has talked up Dogecoin to his 8.3 million Twitter followers, thinks DOGE is headed straight for $1. Once it gets there, he thinks it’ll stay there.

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“I kind of think that it might level off at $1 and become somewhat like a stablecoin, where you can use it, you can save it, it’s going to stay pegged,” Cuban said at the Ethereal Virtual Summit, powered by Decrypt, on Thursday. “Now, for a while it will go down to 60, to 70, to 80 [cents]. But over the long haul, I think it might peg itself at $1, that’s my guess. But it’s only a guess.”

Dogecoin 12,000% Rally Spurs Hunt for Next Crypto Winner…

After bitcoin and dogecoin’s blistering rally this year, individual investors are venturing further out into the cryptocurrency universe in search of the next big thing.

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A more than 12,000% rally this year in dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that was set up as a joke and serves no purpose, sent its price to a record 69 cents per token this week. Bitcoin climbed briefly to over $60,000 apiece last month, more than doubling its price since the end of 2020. That is prompting investors to turn their attention to newer digital assets such as DigiByte, VeChain and SafeMoon in the hunt for cheaper alternatives that could be the next to skyrocket.



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