DOJ has been subpoenaed for documents related to FISA abuse, Clinton Investigation, & McCabe firing.

They have until April 5 to cough it up.

Nick Short 🇺🇸
Letter to Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein by @RepGoodlatte subpoenaing the DOJ for documents related to FISA abuse, Clinton Investigation, and McCabe firing. DOJ has until April 5th to produce the documents.



Also, Mark Meadows is none too happy about an additional found text between Strzok & Page.

Page sent Strzok a text with an attached article.

Page texted “Ha. First line made me smile”.

She was laughing & smiling at this sentence “Potentially unpleasant news for Jim Comey: we need you to intervene in the 2016 election again”. 

The title of article was “What does the US govt know about Russia and the DNC hack” dated 7/25/16.

This text was sent days after the Russia investigation into Trump campaign started.

Imran’s brother is married to a Russian. I mean she was off the boat…

He later helped his wife Hina Alvi; his brothers Abid and Jamal; his friend Rao Abbas; and Abid’s wife Natalia Sova all get IT jobs for members of congress.

Abid married a blonde Russian-speaking woman named Natalia Sova, who another former business partner described as ‘a good looking young Russian girl.’


h/t Hobo Babylon