DOJ ‘Likely’ To Wait Past Midterms To Reveal Any Trump Charges

The Justice Department announced on Wednesday that it would wait until after the midterm elections to reveal whether they’re going to bring any charges against former President Donald Trump for removing documents from the White House.

The agency cited a standing policy barring disclosures which would impact elections – which probably means they think any charges (which would ostensibly be weak sauce based on what we’ve seen thus far) would help Republicans, since we know the agency has no problem interfering in elections when it helps their preferred candidate(s).

That said, the DOJ said they may seek charges under seal prior to the election (which would of course be leaked for maximum ‘gotcha’ potential).

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Wednesday night on FOX News, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicted that former President Donald Trump will be indicted for mishandling classified documents at his Florida home after he left the White House.

Gingrich called this the “most corrupt Justice Department in all of American history.”

“You have corruption from the Attorney General, to the head of the FBI, to senior elements of the FBI,” he said. “You have collusion from a wide range of the intelligence community. You had, I think it was 50 some intelligence senior officials who signed a letter last year that we now know is a total lie, none of whom have recanted.”


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