Dollar Collapse In America- Troops To Fire On American Citizens During Civil Unrest

dollar collapse martial law

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37 thoughts on “Dollar Collapse In America- Troops To Fire On American Citizens During Civil Unrest”

  1. Not a problem as many American citizens will be returning said gunfire. The side with the most players left standing wins that battle for that day. There will be no police. Only us and them. It is called war.

      • As long as people think like you do Barry, we will truly sink into the depths of hell. Defeatism is a form of a Victim Mind Set. As it is said; “If you act like a victim, you will be victimized”. Every person, every army, and every nation has an Achilles heel. Better weapons or not, we will find it and use it against them. With over 200 million weapons in the hands of the citizens of this country, the government will do everything in its power to strike first to demoralize the opposition, (meaning us).
        The first salvos have already been evidenced by city police being trained in military suburban war tactics. We must lay low and wait for them to pass, and then surprise them from behind. Their complacency may be their Achilles heel, just because they believe they are more well armed. If our government cannot win a war over seas, FOR TEN GD YEARS, what chance do they have against a nation fully loaded for bear.

      • sad little man them over in the middle east don’t seem to be having much of a problem with running out the ppl with the better weapons and better organization…look we will have God on our side…who can stand against us…sad little man

          • Maybe he says that because Israel, like the US, is a terrorist state. Further, if God is on anyone’s side it would not be the ones crushing the Ten Commandments into dust. Oh, by the by, I’m anti-Zionist, not anti-semitic, as I support the Palistinians WHO ARE SEMITES, as well as Jews who don’t believe they have God’s own writ to rule the world. Just sayin……..

          • I understand that thought process, regarding Israel. Similar to the USA, I have a hard time believing that all Israelis are bad. Certainly, there are good people in both countries wanting the same, or similar things. In the past I have said things like, “the only thing wrong with Mexico is the USA”.
            After visiting a few different countries; I have found that I am no longer quick to judge a country. My point is this; the lamestream media is feeding our country men and woman exactly what they want us to believe. In my opinion we should use more discernment and observation, prior to judgement. There is much evidence to support that we are being programmed.
            If we look at all the “really bad” places in the world; isn’t it strange that the United States, is right there in the middle of the pig shit??

          • Well, when you have major countries decide to create a new political entity on the concept that 2000+ years ago there was a Kingdom of Israel (and, wow, what a great thing that was so why not) who then created same by stealing land from the current owners (who had the bad taste to have occupied said area for over two centuries) while actively murdering the ones who objected, then there might be those who are short-sighted enough to blame all Israelis for squatting on their property. That being said, not all Israelis are Zionists, not all Americans are Republican/Democrat (Or Republicrats as I see them), Birchers or members of the Klan; good/evil out there for sure is just about everywhere.
            As for me, the only problem with Mexico are the few families who run it like its their personal property. (Based on multiple visits and friends from there.)
            I agree about major media being a programming tool. Years ago I worked as a wilderness guide, in doing so I saw little to no television for three years with close to the same for radio. When I “re-entered” city life I was appalled at what was accepted without question because it was on TV. I catch movies and such but otherwise have avoided it for some time now.
            Strange the USA is in it? Not if you really look at our history. The only thing that’s changed is that the US now first strikes countries that are little to no threat, ditching even the thin veil of respectability pulled over our eyes by pretending we were attacked first. Sad really……..

          • Well said, Glenn. I agree.
            My comment “strange” was used in sarcasm. Our detail in these countries is by design, not coincidence. You’re right it is sad. It’s absolutely shameful.
            The study of history; brings to light, exactly what’s waiting on our doorsteps.

      • Are you kidding?
        1. There’s more ex, or retired military than active.
        2. There’s more ex, or retired police than active.
        3. There’s more Militia with full on combat gear, weekly if not daily training and armed to the teeth.
        4. More American’s with guns than blades of grass. This is the worlds largest Army.
        Are you a nay say-er drone, or really naive? If there’s a battle, there will be more bloodshed than anything the world has ever seen.

        • I had ten years as a Deputy Sheriff And Police Officer, my brother was a narcotics det. homicide det. and Captain. He as well as i will tell you WE hate Cops! They stabbed me as well as others in the back! Those in the administrative don’t give a rats ass about nothing but their pensions, and looking good. Yes there are some cops put there {Christian} Who are worth their salt, but those other macho dicks could care less about YOU! I am so thankful i am away from that mess! I can say this, and this is a fact, the cops who are dirty ALWAYS GET PROMOTED, AND WATCH THOSE MASONS, LIARS TO LOT!

          • I appreciate your post, brother, because “The People” need to get a grip and come to this sad realization. Depending on the city 50% of cops are exactly as you say.
            I come from a long line of freedom fighters/public servants, military, police, firefighters, EMT. All of them say the police force has changed drastically over the past 25 years. Obviously, we can see much of it on video, regarding police brutality and assassinations against the people in the guise of “self defense”. We are living in a “police state”, period. Woman in my family get anxiety around police crusers and police officers and rightfully so. Fact: you are eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist. It’s no longer serve and protect; it’s detain and harass, or worse rape and kill.

      • Actually their organization is their disadvantage. Standing armies never win asymmetrical wars. Look at Afghanistan,
        Vietnam, the Japanese in China. The entire US military was fought to a standstill for 11 years and finally defeated
        by 25,000 seminary students with 70 year old rifles in Afghanistan. In America they will be fighting 30 odd million
        who designed the systems they use, understand their strategies because many will be in the military. This if
        only 10% resist. The people will move among them, run their supply lines and manufacturing plants and
        communications facilities. The “enemy” will be much smarter and well educated because the military attracts
        only those who can’t function in the real world. It’s always been the employer of last resort. The enemy will
        be engineers, scientists, doctors, farmers, mechanics, builders even their own officers. Plus the enemy will
        have access to much of the 300 million privately owned guns in this country. If the US military is foolish
        enough to listen to the crooks in Washington and fire on the American people they will be defeated in
        weeks, months at the outside. And then the retribution will begin and there will be nowhere for them to hide.
        I’ve studied members of the military at airports and wherever I run into them. When you take away their
        fancy weapons that often don’t work or can easily be disabled they are just a bunch of slow learners from
        the mid-west who can barely read and write. They are easy to confuse and easier to confound.

  2. Obamacare, Frank Dodd, Patriot Act, Permanent Detention, Bio and Chem Testing, Eugenics, False Flag Operations & Kill Panel, wow, this article/video is so surprising!

  3. Wow, the idea that our pistols and rifles are going to compete against tanks, missles, killer weapon technology and modern surveillance capabilities. Really? So, what, we’re all just going to start shooting out our windows as the military strolls by, as high-tech RPGs wiz through our blocks? Really?
    The fact is simply that all the flying led in the America and what few expertise “tech” displays the average joe offers isn’t going to come even remotely close to competing against a military that can obliterate your town in seconds, as a warning of what will happen to any other rebelious towns and cities. If you think just having some high-minded non defeatist attitude wins war, rots of ruck. In the meantime, the real war strategists will be wiping you off the face of the map, and rather quickly at that.
    With statements like, “We must lay low and wait for them to pass, and then surprise them from behind,” you’ll be dead before you even start (haven’t you read anything about modern day surveillance systems?)
    This ain’t your daddy’s war.
    Keith R. Starkey

    • Even with ALL of OUR technology; what gorilla warfare has the US won in the past 40 years? I will give you a hint; it’s a round number. It’s probably better that you have no clue what the cave monkeys have in store.

    • WITH OUT A POSITIVE ATTUIDE,you can’t beat anyone,BUT the writers of special forces hand book did know something,THEY warned their people NEVER chase gorilla fighters into rough terrain,cause they will set up ambushes and you’ll lose all your people in them,THIS will apply to everyone,even trained dogs will pickup an easy meal,and they won’t care if its full of broken glass or poison,but the chinese will be using dogs,and booby traps are a wonderful surprise for anyone,unless you happen to be the enemy,OH we know about the SARIN gas they plan to use,and how they will poison all the rivers and lakes,to kill all the wildlife,oboozos boys don’t plan to lose,but they forgot about the LORD,he will be helping his people,and that is exactly the reason they lose,and windup being hanged for treason,and other crimes they thought they could get away with……………….

  4. if they fire on our citizens on behalf of the Marxist pig in the whore house, then they will be hung for treason and without any trials or military tribunals, any general who gives the order to murder Americans will be dealt with be hanging, period. no if ands or butts about it, they will be hung or shot on site. you do this and the patriots will get you sooner or later, you cant hide in your armored vehicles all day long and just a foot note to that, they will take your vehicles from you anyway, when and if the time arrives and used against all of you, yo will die at the hands of the equipment you murdered American people with, think about that for a while , you idiots in uniforms.

  5. HERES THE WAY IT WORKS,evil never wins,THE police gangs and military plan to KILL everyone,and a lot of americans will be killed by them,WHEN the WARS over, not ONE COP or military family will have survived,and every TRAITOR will have been HANGED,do warnings to them do any good?NO because they don’t care about,their death and that of their family,IT DON’T MATTER TO THEM,their WHORES,and like whores they will never understand it can’t go on forever,THE DAY WILL COME when their hiding place will be discovered,POLICE GANGS have NEVER seen someone NAILED to a wall and ALL their skin removed,and how they will look still alive ,with NO SKIN…BUT they will keep pushing till it happens…THEY BRAG HOW THEIR GOING TO FEED YOUR CHILDREN TO THEIR DOGS,so keep kissing their ass america,learn who your friends are…..THE HARD WAY…………………

  6. IN DAYTONA BEACH,FLORIDA,the police gangs ,go out at night and HUNT homeless families,they surround their camp and then KILL everyone,INCLUDING THE CHILDREN,americans are JUST PLAIN STUPID,they refuse to think the world is anything but peaches and cream,IT would ruin their day to have to WAKEUP,and put a stop to this,thats the reason so many americans will be KILLED in the coming WAR….50% of americans will be dead before the real fight even starts,JUST WHAT DO YOU MORONS THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE FEMA DEATH CAMPS…I mean SAFETY camps…….think your going to lay by the pool and eat bon,bons,and watch oprah……………

      • HAHAHA,you know NATHAN,I have watched this WAR for 40 years,it took me a long time to figure out what the LORD was showing me,THEN one day while we were watching NIBIRU on the Hubble spacetelescope,my friend said to me”this is what its all about”,THIS mini solar system is coming and their not going to warn anyone,and their going to start a war to keep everyone busy,to busy to notice nibiru in the sky, till its to late to get ready,and they think they will have the whole planet to them selves,AND THAT IS, WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT..but what they don’t know is, the LORD ain’t going to allow ANY OF THEM TO SURVIVE…not a single one, is what he said………………..

    • Also, I’m not disputing that The Sheeple, as well as those awakened will/could be destroyed. The military force is quite intense, however I’m told half are good and will not obey orders. If there are bad gays infiltrating, is it NOT possible that good guys are doing the same?

  7. Most people you know will turn against you including spouses, children, and friends. You will not be able to buy or sell unless you have the 666 mark. Your gold and silver will be worthless. You will not be able to fight the Beast and If you refuse, and don’t renounce Jesus Christ, you will be put to death. Don’t think that most of the people you know will make it to heaven. Most wont. Wide is the gate to destruction but narrow is the gate to heaven and FEW who find it. I’m Catholic. I know what’s going to go down, as do most of you. This isn’t man’s doing its God’s Judgment’s. BTW how many do you know repented and are grateful that we didn’t almost all burn up in a nuclear war a few weeks ago. I bet almost none. They are all too busy watching sports and fornicating. What’s coming will be horrific and, may I say, well deserved.

  8. OBOOZO plans to unleash every trick the traitors in our government has,INCLUDING plague,virus,and every kind of poison they ever invented,and thats saying something,they have a lot of hidden shit,ready to go,including nuclear weapons,suitecase bombs,truck bombs,and of course missiles,with nuclear war heads,tell you military children ,thanks for nothing,their all brainwashed to believe americans are the domestic enemies of america,don’t think so .ASK THEM,they will tell you……BETTER start warning all your friends,the police gangs and your own military children will be KILLING everyone,and running the fema death camps,you didn’t believe exsisted….YOU HEARD what the AIR FORCE GENERAL said, they are going to bomb montana into submission,if need be….THESE are “americans” in the US AIR FORCE, or they claim to be…………


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