Domestic extremist chatter about attacking US oil pipelines and power grid rises ahead of midterms, intel assessments warn

Several intel assessments warn of threats to US energy grid ahead of midterms

Gas prices have become a key issue and could tip the balance in the elections

Assessments warn of chatter about attacks among anti-government extremists

Pipelines, energy substations and cell towers all said to be potential targets

Several recent attacks on power transformers have gone largely unreported

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National security experts are increasingly concerned that domestic extremists will target US energy infrastructure in a bid to sway the midterm elections, according to a new report.

As painfully high gas prices threaten Democrats’ chances of maintaining a majority in Congress, extremist chatter about escalating the situation through targeted attacks has been on the rise, according to a Newsweek report citing two recent intelligence assessments.

In internet forums and chat rooms, fringe elements have been sharing information and advice about carrying out attacks on critical infrastructure such as oil pipelines, electrical substations, and cell towers, the assessments say.


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