Don Lemon Gets Owned AGAIN, over Trump's 2nd Amendment comments! This Time By A Secret Service Agent. "You don't know crap. I'm a secret service agent, your a TV guy, now cut off my mic- You don't know what you're talking about!"

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8/9/16 – Don Lemon Angrily Blows Up at Guest Over Trump 2nd Amendment Remarks

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37 thoughts on “Don Lemon Gets Owned AGAIN, over Trump's 2nd Amendment comments! This Time By A Secret Service Agent. "You don't know crap. I'm a secret service agent, your a TV guy, now cut off my mic- You don't know what you're talking about!"

  1. I’m scratching my head here with wonder, didn’t the founding fathers specifically insert the second amendment into the Constitution as a direct threat to any future government that might be tempted to violate the Constitution or overthrow the constitutional government? And if so, what is wrong with Donald Trump pointing that out? We are after all in revolutionary times, 9/11 was a coup d’état, our government was overthrown by neocons in a conspiracy to destroy our Constitution and our rights and install a globalist style communist government. It is a fact that over 100 million armed Americans is a deterrent to the government and its plans for total tyranny as embodied in Hillary Clinton

    • Hillary and George Soros send out storm troopers to cause chaos at Trump
      rallies and the media blames the violence on TRUMP and NOT A WORD about the Soros/Clinton nexus!. Trump makes a
      statement about the Second Amendment and it’s twisted to make it look
      like he is threatening Clinton. What one-sided SHAMEFUL coverage by the
      MSM! If Hillary IS “elected”(wins by cheating) and she goes on with
      the agenda of permanent wars, the owners of the media should be tried
      for war crimes!

    • How exactly did Trump point that out? Some conservatives say he is only talking about ‘voting’ some say he is talking about taking up arms. Which is it? Get your talking points straight.

      • I think he meant voting but taking up arms would be the better message to put out when you consider what we are finding out through wikileaks about our government, might be the only way to save this country from extreme corruption.

        • If Trump said what you are saying, true or not, I hope you can see why some people [and the media] are outraged. That said, when you refer to ‘our government’ I hope you mean Republicans as well since they run Congress and more governor’s seats than Democrats.

    • All the loonies are doing is the correct PC shit…..anything to diss Donald!!! They have NO clue as to what the second amendment really is for them to come up with those assnine comments!!!

  2. Lemon is a liberal. Give me a statement where he EVER agrees with a conservative comment. Three to one. ‘Fair and balanced”?

  3. CNN must be desperate to hoist Hillary onto the throne. Hillary has a history, like her husband, of violence meted out in her government job. Trump has NO blood on his hands but these media whores demonstrate their pathetic bias, to hell with the truth!

  4. Time and time again I have gotten sick of CNN journalists. I am from Africa and watched “Fareed Zakaria” call some African leaders “Dictators” including the president of my country for being in power for too long. I wonder who makes these guys moral judges or whether they even understand foreign policy and international relations.
    Journalists I believe have the deontological obligation to be as impartial as possible as partiality could put them in a point of no return cross-roads. All these CNN journalist are so arrogant acting as if they are paid to talk trash. Lemon is very stupid in the way he presents himself in this video.

  5. You know, I had a thought today;
    Since 90% of Amerikans don’t realize just how bad this economy really is, perhaps ‘they’ are going to let Trump win, then collapse the economy and the US Dollar, and then have The Perfect Scapegoat;
    “See? If you’d had Cruz or Hillary, everythiiiiiing would be jusssssst fiiiiine”.

  6. I can not stand to listen to this highfalutin supreme leader Don Lemon. He always comes into an interview and tries to control the entire thing. He is not interested in hearing any opinions if they disagree with his. He only wants to preach his views and talks over any opposing views. He’s basically a petty dictator rather than a reporter or interviewer, kinda reminds me of stories of Kim Jon Il.
    Makes me wonder, why would CNN employ such a person? My guess would be that those in charge of CNN have very similar views. I can hardly wait for them to confiscate all the guns after seeing the understanding and respect they have for opposing views. I’m sure they will make the slaughter of unarmed dissidents as humanely as possible in their eyes.
    Slaves are not allowed to have guns for what reason? Think about it….you can figure it out. I know you can.
    Slavedom or Freedom what’s it gonna be?

  7. These people are idiots. I support the 2nd amendment and I heard no call to shoot Clinton. It’s all in their heads, anti-Trump rhetoric implanted by the owners of CNN and pushed onto the public. It’s pathetic.

  8. These idiots are so desperate because they know that Trump is going to smash Shitlary in the election. But all to no avail.
    “In a mock-press conference on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton accidentally told the truth. She then recovered by explaining that she temporarily short-circuited.” – Jon B.
    VOTE TRUMP IN 2016!!!

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