Donald Trump – One Man's Lesson in Determination

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Donald Trump may not be everybody’s idea of the perfect presidential candidate, but despite numerous setbacks, this man has not only managed to become a front-runner in the USA presidential campaign, but also maintains several successful businesses worldwide. However, despite being an extremely successful entrepreneur and television personality, Trump has endured his fare share of financial setbacks.
You may not even be aware of the amount of Trump ventures that have failed to ignite the fires of consumerism, due to the simple fact that they failed in spectacular fashion before anyone noticed they had been launched. Below are some of Donald Trump’s more notable failed business ideas and you may be surprised at just how many set-backs he has endured during his journey on the road to success.
Casinos – The Trump Card
Sometimes referred to as the poor man’s Las Vegas, Atlantic City is home to a glittering array of casinos and it is here you will find three of Trump’s least profitable ventures. Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc. is responsible for Trump Plaza, The Taj Mahal and Trump Marina: three failing casinos. Donald Trump himself is keen to extricate himself from the casinos and is quoted to have said, “Other than the fact that it has my name on it — which I’m not thrilled about — I have nothing to do with the company,” There are several suggestions as to why Trump’s casinos aren’t successful, including the fact that Atlantic City itself is experiencing problems, with tourists preferring casinos in Pennsylvania and Connecticut. There is also the increasingly popularity of the online casino to consider, with people preferring the convenience and mobility of casino apps and games to actual casinos. This is an interesting concept in itself when you consider Donald Trump has the online aspect of modern media coverage to thank for his growing popularity and support during the election campaign. Perhaps Trump may be better off following the example of online casinos, such as the highly successful Lucky Nugget Casino, to capitalise on the accessible nature of online casinos. You can find out more here about Donald Trump’s failed casinos, and the way in which this failed business venture has not stopped him becoming the success he is today.
Trump Airlines
During the late 1980s, Donald Trump decided to try his hand at being the new Richard Branson by purchasing Eastern Air Shuttle, a relatively successful airline that specialised in domestic flights. Trump’s investment of approximately $365 million bagged the businessman a fleet of 17 Boeing 727s, alongside the airline’s reputation for affordable travel between Boston, New York City and Washington DC. However, The business mogul decided these planes just weren’t fancy enough and proceeded to add ornate features such as gold-effect fittings in the bathrooms, chrome seat belt buckles and wooden floors, marketing his new and improved airline as a luxurious way to travel. Yet, unsurprisingly, customers that had been attracted to the airline’s economical approach could no longer afford to avail of the airline and in 1992, Trump Airlines became the property of numerous creditors.
I’ll Drink to That! – Trump Vodka
There is no denying that as controversial as Donald Trump can be, he is actually an extremely successful businessman. It is this success that Trump wished people to remember when proposing a toast with their favourite tipple, as long as that tipple was vodka, of course. As with all his ventures, when Trump Vodka was launched in 2006, Trump trumpeted loudest, bellowing about how the Trump & Tonic would become the most popular alcoholic drink in America. Just in case you were under any illusions, it didn’t, and ten years down the line it is no longer being produced.
With so many failed business ideas, you would think Donald Trump would have given up a long time ago. Yet, here he is, standing confidently in front of the American people asking them to consider him as their next President. Even if you are not a fan of the man, his determination, drive and ambition can not be denied: if a man that has not only survived numerous failures, but has also built an empire of thriving businesses regardless, surely it is time to take Trump seriously?

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