Donald Trump Says He Didn’t Fire Anthony Fauci Because It Would Have Angered Democrats

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by Chris Black

Donald Trump won his second term in 2020 with the most votes ever in history, yet he was actually removed from office by a dementia case via massive voting fraud using mail-in ballots.

Trump folded in order to please people who hate him, then betrayed the January 6th protesters, and now he explained why he allowed Fauci to do everything he wanted.

In case you don’t remember, Fauci literally worked for Bill Gates and the DEMs, and played a crucial role in Trump losing the election, second only to AG William Barr, who made sure nothing gets done with the stolen election.

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And now, a sad and confused Trump went on Fox News to tell the world that if he had fired Fauci in 2020, it would have made the Democrats angry and sad.

The NIH and the NIAID officials stood to make tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars from the scamdemic. Plus they became massive celebrities overnight and held the fate of millions of people in the palm of their hands.

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That is why they did what they did.

Power, money, and influence.

Donald Trump gets booed on stage after saying he took the booster shot. He then shuts down the booing and says it’s a “tiny group”. This is the 2nd time Donald Trump has been booed for shilling the deadly vaccines.


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