Donald Trump Won The Presidency On The Advocacy Of "Peace Through Strength", And He Is Walking His Talk, But The Out Of Touch Democrats Don't Get It.

by Pamela Williams
Republicans watched as President Obama invoked war after war, but we did not really try to divide the Country over his wars.  We complained about his policies, but we were respectful in doing so.  We did not go out and protest against our President, but Democrats are such hypocrites they are proving themselves to be non-essential to the working government.  Two Democrats are seeking to delegitimize President Trump’s Presidential standing.  Democrat Senator Edward Markey and Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu have introduced the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017. The act would prohibit the Commander in Chief from using nuclear weapons unless Congress has declared a state of war.  Forgetting the fact that the dropping of nuclear weapons in the way Markey and Lieu have in mind would likely be the end of the world, there is a more pragmatic reason that I believe this bill does not have the good intentions that one might assume. One must realize the Democrats only think of themselves…read between the lines.
Although Republicans watched President Obama go into Libya and declare an unnecessary war, and further moving to illegally bomb Syria, Yemen, Sudan and Somalia, we knew Obama had the power to do these things. The war in Iraq which Obama was elected on a promise of ending, seems to have no end in sight. It has raged longer than both world wars combined.
Libya has been crippled thanks to Obama and Hillary Clinton. The end result was that the most successful state in modern African history has been reduced to rubble. Libya is now a non-state. Nevertheless, Obama was President, and Hillary Clinton was Secretay of State, and Republicans sat by and watched the most criminal regime in government ruin this Country. What else could we do? Oppose the voice of the voters, as the Democrats are now doing to Republicans?
I want to remind you of Hillary Clinton’s famous words when she discovered Muammar Gaddafi died a gruesome death: “We came, we saw, he died.” she laughingly said. This is a prime example of the hypocrisy of the Left. Where were Mr. Markey and Lieu doing when all this was going on? Where was their resolute adherence to principles of Constitutionality then? It was nowhere and frankly only Ron Paul and his son Rand, are consistent in their non-partisan application of Constitutional principles.
Ron Paul said this:

“It has become very apparent that the left views Trump’s election as an absolute calamity. But it is a calamity that they brought upon themselves.
The left remained silent while the Obama administration spent two full terms at war. They excused Obama’s NSA scandals. They cheered the growth of an imperial presidency and an activist judiciary.
But worst of all, the left poisoned America with vicious identity politics and a deeply false narrative of racism, sexism, xenophobia, and privilege. How could a backlash not occur?
What matters most in the upcoming years is not what Trump can actually do in the face of this hatred. What matters is what he can undo.”

In Conclusion, Ron Paul gets it right again.  I want to add:  Live with it Democrats!  President Trump is not going away.  He is having to do a total reset on Washington, because of what you did!  He is having to start all over again, because of your mess.  Just sit back and watch…and most of all behave as Republicans did while Obama was in office. Believe me we have earned our own choice, and that choice is President Donald Trump.

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14 thoughts on “Donald Trump Won The Presidency On The Advocacy Of "Peace Through Strength", And He Is Walking His Talk, But The Out Of Touch Democrats Don't Get It.

      • Says the self projecting MF that wouldn’t be caught dead on a plane with a parachute and a rifle to fight in any of the illegal wars the US is involved in. War, killing, torture is fine when your @ss isn’t on the line. Go give some head to your warmonger handlers, that’s all you’re good for, since you condone war crimes.

          • US Navy 1976-80 … so what? Got kids? Have them sign up … grand kids? … send them too. Tell them you are ready to lead the charge again. There can be no peace through war (aka strength).
            We wouldn’t have to worry about having so called peace through strength if not for the illegal invasions, and war crimes the US keeps committing, and will continue to commit until they are stopped.

          • Fortunately there are forces in place to keep Trump’s handlers from starting any more wars.
            Peace through strength is complete and total bullshit. That’s just a phony tag line the cabal uses to justify illegal invasions and funding terrorists.


  1. Pamela, the Republicans did not just “watch” as the Democrats destroyed this country. Give the Republicans some credit. They approved many of the Laws that are now in place to “control” the citizenry. The Republicans were virtually silent as the Democrats divided the races and allowed this hate and vitriolic narrative to continue. The Republicans were also actively trying to keep Trump from the Nomination. Once he won the Nomination, WITHOUT their help, they threw their support behind Clinton. The Republicans were MUTE in their support for the Republican Nominee during election. So rather than assume the Republicans are innocent in the destruction of this country, I would argue that their TACIT APPROVAL is what gave the Democrats full unopposed rein to do what has been done. Republicans are as much a part of the problem in the DC Swamp as the Democrats. It is absolutely LUDICROUS to assume the Republicans will do anything to fix the mess THEY ASSISTED in creating!
    The DC Swamp needs to be drained of the Republicans and Democrats that are ALL responsible for the damage and destruction, done to the USA!!!

    • Much of what Obama was elected on in 2008 was his promise to undo the mischief of eight years of Bush, which he promptly reneged on. Now Trump has run on a similar platform to undo Obama’s misrule, but he is keeping his promise (so far). We can only dream of an America where each new president can build on the accomplishments of the last, instead of promising to spend his time in office recovering from the damage of the last.

      • Trump needs to “go to the mattresses” for his 4yr(hopefully 8) term. He is a “marked” man by both parties, the CIA, Secret Service, Big Pharma, Military Industrial Complex, Fake Stream Media/MSM, Foreign Gov. Intelligence Agency’s, etc., etc..
        That is why he keeps his own Security team, along side the Secret Service teams, he has.
        He has more enemies from “within”, than any other President in history.
        I hope and pray he survives to fix this mess and punish those that caused it.
        If needed, Trump can call on me to volunteer and assist in becoming one of his “well regulated militia”!

  2. Hmmm
    Openly supporting Israel stealing Palestine and Jerusalem while carving up Syria with no fly zones (safe zones) to protect Israel’s stolen Golan Heights, and still pushing for the ousting of Assad is not walking toward peace. Donald Trump IS RUNNING AT FULL SPEED INTO MORE WAR FOR ISRAEL.

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