Don’t Fight the Fed. But Did You Forget About Lehman Collapse?

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What we’re seeing today is NOT 2008. It’s NOT 2000. It’s unique. But the mistakes are always the same. Too much intervention helping out the wrong groups. The majority get screwed over. Wealth gap increases. Pattern repeats. If people learn one thing, it’s that we need to learn more. Arrogance has no place in this. We must always be students of the knowledge.

You hear that mantra all the time. Don’t fight the Fed. It comes from the same people who quote Warren Buffett, except when he says it’s not a good time to buy stocks. This is from the same people who have never looked into the books of a company and simply buying into companies they use regularly is a sound investment strategy. Well…


Don’t fight the Fed, join them with these ETFs the central bank could be buying

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Federal Reserve Board – Federal Reserve announces it will initiate a program to purchase the direct obligations of housing-related government-sponsored enterprises and mortgage-backed securities backed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae

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Federal Reserve Board – FOMC statement

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