Don’t Mind the Little Hats Behind the Curtain

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by Chris Black

The Department of Homeland Security just announced the creation of the United States’ first ever ‘Thought Police,’ called the “Disinformation Governance Board,” unabashed and emboldened in their hatred of freedom and just let latest example of the contempt that Jews controlling the Biden Whitehouse have for ordinary Americans put into action. Now, Jewish radicals like Alejandro Mayorkas, Sec. of Homeland Security, have assigned the task of punishing “purveyors of disinformation” (i.e. people who challenge the insultingly and blatantly dishonest narratives of the power structure) to heavily armed and militarized agents hired to fight terrorism.

The creation of the Disinformation Governance Board coincides almost perfectly with Elon Musk taking ownership of Twitter and vowing to allow free speech and not censor people based on their viewpoints. Allowing constitutionally protected free speech on social media platforms is evidently a disaster scenario for the ruling regime, whose power and authority can only be considered legitimate by a sub-majority percentage of the population when the outlets of information are completely controlled and biased in favor of the regime’s agenda. They have all of the real power in our country, yet they are terrified at the thought of not being able to censor and deplatform anyone who exposes their lies and threatens their narrative control.

As is the case with many of the most powerful Secretaries in Biden’s cabinet, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is Jewish. In what may come as a shock to some of you or a familiar groan of “every single time” to others, the Jewish head of DHS has named three Jews as the “co-chairs” of the governance board.

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Mayorkas appointed thusly:

Jennifer Daskal – principal deputy general counsel at Homeland Security

Robert Silvers – undersecretary for policy at Homeland Security

Nina Jankowicz – global fellow at the “Wilson Center”

Daskal, Silvers and Jankowicz are all Jewish.

Thus far, everyone involved in both appointing the thought police board and named to chair the board is a Jew.

Based on this easily observable reality, it would be a totally fair and accurate statement to say that “America’s new federal speech police was created by a Jew and what is determined to be truthful or factual vs. what is deemed dangerous disinformation is decided by an unaccountable board of openly biased Jews.”

Based on the public statements of Mayorkas and his thought policing appointees, the above statement is completely accurate and supported by sources and quotes. Yet, reading the mainstream news and reporting on it through this filter would without a doubt be deemed dangerous disinformation by these people.

The same people in the media who say that Twitter being owned by Elon Musk (also Jewish lol) poses a danger to women and minorities would call you dangerous for saying that there shouldn’t be a government agency that polices protected speech and that having such an unconstitutional and draconian agency is wrong no matter what, but especially scary and suspicious when such a creation is controlled entirely by Jews, a tiny but disproportionately power minority with open biases and that is not representative of the average citizen.

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