Don’t neglect calling your credit cards and asking for a interest decrease!

by dudebrogan​

I am struggling with some CC debt right now. I called all 4 of my credit card companies a few months ago, told them I was considering a 0% apr transfer card and asked if they could reduce the interest rate (using Ramit Sethi’s script).

1 card gave me a flat no. 2 cards cut my rate by 8% for my current balance and future purchases 1 card gave me 3 months 0% on my current balance with the option to extend if I continued making payments.

All it took was about 30 minutes on the phone total and I will save a good chunk of money. Incidentally, the card that said flat “no” is the first one I paid off, now they get to make nothing off of me instead of something, if they had reduced my rate 🙂




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