Don’t Sleep on Barry O!

by Robert Carbery

Don’t sleep on Barry O!
Former President Barack Hussein Obama is doing what most presidents do not do. He is staying very much involved in the goings-on of Washington DC politics. He will be choosing the frontrunner for the 2020 resistance candidate to oppose Trump and he is working day after day against the duly elected Trump administration. He’s young enough. Why not?
Rumors are he’s chosen former Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick. But that is another topic for another day.
Former Health and Human Services head Kathleen Sebelius along with Andrew Slavitt, the former head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, are both working with the Obamas to sink the ship that is the Trump administration. According to political strategist, Dick Morris, they are both working to fight against the attempt to repeal Obama’s signature legislation, Obamacare, which is based on lies and deception. The Obamas are still living in DC and working day and night to derail the TrumpTrain.
And they appear to be winning so far.
“It’s a war room,” Morris said, “like in the middle of a campaign,” the only way Obama knows how to operate. This insight into the Obamas’ activities post-governance confirm the reports around Obama’s charge to “oust” the Donald from the presidency via resignation or impeachment.
Good luck with that.
The “hope and change” president has become part of the Deep State that is working day after day to stop Trump from doing what America put him there to do: SHAKE THINGS UP IN DC ONCE AND FOR ALL.

The Daily Mail reported back in early March that Obama was being aided by ex-senior advisor and crooked confidant, Valerie Jarrett, who moved to work at Obama’s center of operations, just two miles from the White House, to help him build the momentum necessary to mount the “insurgency” against Trump.
During a separate appearance on a radio show, Morris added that the entire “Russian collusion” narrative was “an attempt at a coup d’etat” by the intelligence community and the media to topple Trump. This is obvious to anyone who is paying attention. Narratives are being rolled out on a daily basis to derail the Trump administration from accomplishing what it has been set out to do by the American electorate that gave him the power he now possesses. Obama and the brainwashed Democrats are appalled by this so they are working day and night to oppose the president’s agenda.
Political maestro and Trump confidante, Roger Stone tweeted out on Tuesday: “FACT – Wasserman-Schulz “IT consultant” Awan was partying with Seth Rich the night of his murder ! Eat it @TheAtlantic !” And instead of digging into this very real fact, the mainstream media spun the narrative into something else entirely, of course.
So, of course the major news stories of the day were about how Donald Trump intervened in the explanation over Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer and the Scaramucci firing fiasco. All mainstream media smokescreens. We must keep our minds focused on what is truly going to make America great again. Jobs. Growth. Destruction of the establishment in DC, etc. We must upend the status quo in Washington and Trump is our best chance of doing that. The rise of the stock markets is of course being ignored and the increased employment is being glossed over. Gotta love today’s partisan political reality.
Embrace the chaos. Enjoy the ride. We’re all in this together and you will never not be entertained. Time to #MAGA!!! The MAGA movement is much more stronger and deep rooted than Obama’s “hope and change” electorate. The “resistance” is failing.
Thank God we got rid of this out of touch president that my liberal friends think are fighting for them no matter what. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!! Time to move forward. No time to look back.



9 thoughts on “Don’t Sleep on Barry O!

  1. If Sessions was real he’d start layin down indictments. First on Barry O for Michelle’s influence for her college friend to git the Billion dollar Obamcare contract for the computer work. Did they ever straighten that out yet? Do RICO Statues apply? Or is Straight out Corruption the name of the game?

      • I was disappointed when Trump rolled over and signed the additional punitive actions against Russia. Podesta leaked himself by givin them his password and Seth most likely leaked the DNC and DIED for it. There is no logical reason why the Donkeys and Rinos want WWIII with Russia and still kiss da Chi-Coms butts, who are our REAL threat!

          • I liked Ron Paul clearly stating that IF we had let the economy collapse in ’07, we’d have hurt for 5 years or so – the time it took to reestablish our OWN manufacturing base – but TPTB wanted Instant Gratification and the Gravy Train to keep rolling – not to mention the $20+ trillion printed and siphoned off, so the ‘bailout’ went along, unchecked (and most Amerikans STILL think there were ‘only 2’ – for $700-something billion. Jeeeez Louise…)
            We’re now too far down the road.
            And THAT is what’s going to hurt if the dollar resets; No more cheap goods from China – but too late to restart the building and manufacturing.
            And another reason Amerika needs a global conflict. They can blame China/Russia/Syria/Iran/N. Korea, claiming ‘they did this to Amerika!”

          • I’d like to disagree with u but can’t. The Globalist Bankster scum want wwlll and rule over 500 million people world wide!

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