“DON’T UNDERESTIMATE JOE’S ABILITY TO F**K THINGS UP:” Multimillionaire Obamas Haven’t Donated to Joe Biden’s Campaign.

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Barack H. Obama and his wife Michelle became fabulously wealthy after leaving the White House in 2017. For whatever reason, they haven’t given a single dollar of their massive fortune to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

President Obama has hosted virtual fundraisers for his former running mate and urged Democrats to give “any amount you can” to Biden’s campaign. Michelle addressed the virtual Democratic convention on Monday, but didn’t even show her arms. Barack is scheduled to give the primetime address on Wednesday night. But neither have personally contributed a dime to Biden’s campaign, according to federal election records.

It’s not as if they can’t afford it. The power couple received a joint book advance worth as much as $65 million for their post-White House memoirs. (Barack still hasn’t finished writing.) They also inked a deal with Netflix worth more than $50 million.

The Obamas have used their giant piles of money to make a difference in the world by promoting economic justice. For example, in 2019 they purchased a waterfront mansion on Martha’s Vineyard for $11.8 million. Two years earlier, they bought a mansion in Washington, D.C., for $8.1 million.

No one thinks that the Obamas want Donald Trump to be president. But whether or not they actually want Joe Biden to be president is a different story. According to media reports, Barack has repeatedly tried to discourage his former VP from running for president.



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