Don’t want a vaccine? Tough luck, says the European Court of Human Rights…. Vaccine Requirements Spread in U.S., Sowing Concern on Overreach

the European Court of Human Rights on Thursday ruled against several Czech families who had refused to give their children compulsory vaccinations. The parents had appealed against fines they had received, as well as the children’s exclusion from preschool. The ruling was not on Covid vaccines, but rather on vaccines for nine diseases compulsory for children under Czech law including measles, diphtheria and hepatitis B. The ECHR cited the protection of others as the main justification for the exclusion of the Czech children from preschool.

The timing being what it is, it is difficult not to draw conclusions on what this precedent means for Covid vaccines. Until now there has been little suggestion in most countries that Covid jabs will be mandatory. The ECHR’s ruling does in theory mean, though, that European countries could force their citizens to take Covid vaccines on the basis of achieving herd immunity. As long as the punitive measures taken against refuseniks are ‘’proportionate’’.

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(Bloomberg) —

Covid-19 vaccination requirements are fast becoming facts of life in the U.S., spreading business by business even as politicians and privacy advocates rail against them.

Brown, Notre Dame and Rutgers are among universities warning students and staff they’ll need shots in order to return to campus this fall. Some sports teams are demanding proof of vaccination or a negative test from fans as arenas reopen. Want to see your favorite band play indoors in California? At bigger venues, the same rules apply. A Houston hospital chain recently ordered its 26,000 employees to get vaccinated.

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Yet it’s another matter how people prove they’ve had their shots or are Covid-free. Republican politicians and privacy advocates are bristling over so-called vaccination passports, with some states moving to restrict their use.

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