DOOM ALERT: Martial Law in America After Christmas?

Starship Earth — Martial Law in America After Christmas? – December 16, 2018

I’m just the messenger, a “digital soldier”, and since we have been advising all Earth’s peoples to prepare for a couple of weeks minimum in case of disruptions to the supply chain due to natural or man-made events, insurrection, or any reason at all, we feel it prudent to pass on this notification that just arrived.

Thomas Williams told us a few days ago that in the event of unusual circumstances within America, be it due to a financial reset or anything else, interruptions will probably only be a matter of a few days, so preparing for two weeks is probably ample, but if you feel better securing a month’s worth of supplies and cash then go for it, if it will provide peace of mind for you.

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Michael Flynn talking about army of digital soldiers

I’m just the messenger but who doesn’t like some Saturday morning doom?



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