Double Dip Depression with John Rubino

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from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino returns… ECONOMY: Cities are shutting back down. Group of 20 statement predicts big contraction in the balance of the year. Is this a double dip depression? Do stock prices depend on a return to normal? What happens if that is delayed or canceled?

PRECIOUS METALS: Money is pouring into the gold/silver mining stocks Silver continues to outperform gold

BROKERAGE INDUSTRY: 20,000 Robinhood traders are in for rude surprise as mall operator CBL goes bankrupt Bigger issue for brokers: stock trades are now free – How are the big brokers making money and what happens if one of them fails?

EPSTEIN, AND OTHER STUPID SHIT: The son and husband of the judge in the New Jersey case shot execution style. Florida man wrecks his motorcycle and state blames his death on Covic-19 GA governor is ordering cities not to mandate masks… political hypocrisy (Trump claimed to be in charge of state virus policy and the MSM went nuts. Now they’re lamenting the lack of a national policy)

TWITTER BITCOIN HACK: Funny on several levels.

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