Dr. Dave Janda – Financial Tsunami About to Hit Our Shores, Our Enemy is Truly Evil

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Radio host, patriot and retired orthopedic surgeon Dr. Dave Janda brings up the human trafficking issue and our leaders because of one simple reason. Dr. Janda says, “The reason why I bring this up is because each and every one of our listeners has to know who the enemy truly is. If we don’t identify who our enemy is and how evil they are, we will never be able to defeat them.”
On taking down President Trump by taking down the global economy, Janda says, “I think a financial tsunami is about to hit our shores. The elite always try to give us a heads up before they flush the toilet while we serfs are still in the shower.”
Dr. Janda says one tip was given recently by an expert on FOX News who said, “Someday people are going to wake up, and gold is going to be $3,000, $5,000, heck, even $6,000 an ounce.”
Dr. Janda gives three other recent warning signs given by the mainstream media about gold prices that tip off a big financial disruption is drawing near.
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  1. I love watching the ongoing No Risk, No Loss market currently being propped up and
    manipulated by the Fed. What could possibly go wrong?

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