Dr. Ron Paul: The COLLAPSE Is Based On A LIE! – Is THIS A Manufactured CRISIS?

Josh Sigurdson talks with Former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul of The Liberty Report about the collapse of the global economy due to a stunning exaggeration and lie. As people are left without a job, will we see stagflation? Hyperinflation? How will people react when they realize the lie they’ve been told? We ask Dr. Paul if he believes this is a manufactured crisis and though he says he certainly knows the US among other countries have been known to create such a crisis before, he isn’t sure what caused it and how, but he knows that the long term effects on the economy and of course basic freedoms are extremely destructive. Who are we listening to and why? How will this effect us long term? Dr. Paul diagnoses the current state of the world and the state of freedom as well as gives his thoughts on some positive aspects we could possibly see in the future as Texas lifts some of the crazy consequences due to public demand.



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