Drudge Report traffic plunges as content turns against Trump

Just another indicator of pending Trump victory – Visit my site instead
The Drudge Report posted a 45 percent decline in web traffic in September as the site alienated its core readers by turning against President Trump ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

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The data — derived from comScore, which tracks the industry — were released in a report by TheRighting, a website that analyzes traffic to right-leaning websites. TheRighting told The Post that the Drudge Report had 1,291,000 unique visitors in September, according to data supplied by comScore, down from 2,340,000 in the same month a year ago.


Man, what a dumb strategy. The left will never visit drudge and now you stab your right-leaning readers in the back, who is left to come visit?



h/t AggregateThreat