Drudge sold out to Big Tech!

If you’ve noticed that @DRUDGE_REPORT isn’t the same any more, you’re not alone.

A friend writes:

“Ron, what is going on with @DRUDGE and his recently ending his decade long independent advertising agency for his website?

“He recently signed on with a Google affiliated company, which purchased Matt Drudge’s father’s website, RefDesk, as part of the deal.

“Frankly, I’m concerned this is the sole reason Drudge went mainstream and to the left: to satisfy his new advertising agency.

“The agency is called Granite Cubed. The timing of when all this went down is not a coincidence.

“I’ve been a reader of the site daily for 15 years. His entire message, his ‘tone and timbre’ shifted – full-on establishment approved at the same time the deal was made.”

When I asked my friend if I could share this, he said,

“Sure. Buzzfeed mentioned this months ago, but it got very little play. The Buzzfeed story on it was, oddly, and for the first time ever, a fluff piece for Drudge.

“Buzzfeed and its progeny have never once written about Drudge without a few gratuitous hits mocking his personal life or political views. Until now…” 

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Drudge did an interview with AJ where he told us exactly that
That he has to play under certain guidelines or bad shit was going to happen to him and his
It was before AJ was censored, Drudge was jsut a voice in the interview they didnt show his face
You should be able to google the interview where he spoke about it
It was a few years ago when he did it

I think this was the interview

that was October 6, 2015 when Matt visited him.

Here’s a transcript of the video:


Here is my Drudge Replacement.



h/t Voluntaryist


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