Dumb-down: University’s BLM Essay Contest Won’t Require Proper English

If yous guys don’a rite to good, don’a wurry:

You can still win cash in a Black Lives Matter essay contest, total prize money $15,000, being run by an institution of “higher learning.”

That’s the story with the “Reflect & Empower: What Black Lives Matter Means to Me” writing and multimedia event being held by the Central Connecticut State University Center for Public Policy and Social Research.

(What BLM means to many is communism, but I suspect this sentiment won’t capture the cash even if written kahmyoonizm.)

As the College Fix reports:

On the [contest] website soliciting entries, the school notes the essays must be original, but also that “submissions will not be judged on traditional literary or grammatical standards.”

Interim Associate Vice President of Communications and Logistics Janice Palmer in an email to The College Fix that the “priority of this project is the stories conveyed.”

“The planning committee is hopeful that students from a wide range of academic majors will be inspired to take part,” Palmer said.

On the website, the school urges students to submit essays, personal stories, and poems that “express their personal connection to the Black Lives Matter Movement and the issues it has brought to the forefront.”

Students are also invited to submit videos, photos, drawings, and musical works that deal with the student’s “depth of thought,” “personal reflections,” “the sensitivities involved,” “personal experiences,” and their “views of the movement’s broad social impact and your expectations for the future of the movement.”

…For [contest] winners, the school will give out 20 awards of $250, 12 scholarships of $500, and four top prizes of $1,000 each.



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