Early Voters Can Change Their Votes Before Voting Deadline in These States

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In the immediate hours after the final presidential debate,

a wave of people took to the internet to search ‘can I change my vote’ indicating trouble for the Biden campaign

In the aftermath of the final presidential debate, Google trends revealed a spike in people inputting the search term, “can I change my vote.” The fact is this. There are several states in which you can change your vote after casting an early or absentee ballot.
Google Trends data indicated several spikes for searches on and after the last presidential debate on October 22, 2020. The first search phrase was “Hunter Biden China” and the second was “can I change my vote.” The second also saw a correlating spike with the first for a second time.


To change your vote in all of these states requires a voter to go, in-person,

to the county Supervisor of Elections Office to process required documentation.

In fact, several states have you can change your vote if you have either voted early or voted absentee:

New York


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