Easy No-Sew DIY T-shirt Mask

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Materials used:

-An old t-shirt
-A thin strip of metal
(manila folder fastener, twist tie, folded aluminum foil, or paperclip)
-A single sheet of paper towel (or tissue paper)
-White glue/hot glue

Step 1: Wash your hands!

Step 2: Measure and cut the T-shirt
Cut the bottom of the t-shirt parallel to the hem. Splay your fingers out slightly to find the approximate width you’ll need to cover your face.

Step 3: Add the metal strip nose bridge
The nose bridge will allow us to form fit the mask for a much tighter seal. (Use a glue gun if possible, white glue will work but will dissolve when washed) If you use the paperclip method, cut a small hole in the hem and insert the paperclip. To keep it from sliding around, bend it.

Step 4: Add a second layer of filtration to the outside of the mask
If you encounter any larger droplets, the towel will absorb them first and keep them away from your skin. Cut the paper towel to size and glue it in place with white glue. Washing will dissolve the white glue. You will need to glue on a new paper towel with each use.

Step 5: Cut away the excess t-shirt material. Leave about an inch (2.5 centimeters) of fabric at the top and bottom. These will be the mask ties. The mask should be wide enough to cover the front of your face. A bit wider than the width of the paper towel should suffice for most people.

Step 6: Fit the mask
Tie the top ties around the bottom of your ears at the back of your head. Then, press the metal strip so that it conforms to the shape of your nose and cheeks. Then, run the bottom ties from under your chin to the top of your head. This will give you a tight seal, while also remaining comfortable for use over several hours.

Remember, removing the mask is as important as wearing it! Always remove it by untying the ties. (Try not to touch the mask while wearing it) Once removed, peel off the paper towel layer and dispose of it immediately. Throw the mask into your washing machine and wash immediately or place it in a plastic bag until you are ready to wash.



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