Economic Collapse: Watch Near Anarchy & Total Chaos As Looters Ransack Grocery Store In Chile

via silverdoctors:

WARNING: Yes, there are shotguns being fired, and fighting with clubs is viewable. Nobody (appears) shot up-close or on camera…




Things are getting very real, and it’s only a matter of time before the entire world turns into what you are about to see.


Because every nation on earth uses unbacked, debt-based fiat currency, and we are now in the crisis.

The fiat currency crisis.

It will affect some nations sooner than others.

“Silver Doctors Live” Co-Host Mike (from RethinkingTheDollar) just sent me over a video clip (embedded below), and we can see that things in Chile are getting worse by the day.

From here on out, it’s pretty safe to say that “situational awareness” is one of the most important things because these types of crises are breaking out all over the globe.

How long will this Fiat Currency Crisis last?

Nobody knows for sure, but, when looking at the world reserve currency, if the following is a trend, the crisis won’t last long.

The US dollar first lost nearly all of it’s value over the last, call it, 100 years:

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That was a slow, painful devaluation.

We had the US dollar hyperinflation over the last, call it, 10 years:

But look where we are now.

It looks to me like we’re at the start of the “crack-up boom”.

The question is: If the slow devaluation was 100 years and the hyperinflation was 10 years, does that mean the crack-up boom will be over the next 1 year?

If so, it may be starting now as we see crises erupting all over the world, including Latin America.

Mike is on-top of the developments in Chile, and he is in direct contact with people who are in Chile right now, and in our live-stream yesterday, Mike spoke about the situation there, including an incident which involved a group of people driving a double-long city bus through a building, so do watch the replay of our live-stream if you have not already.

Fast forward to today, and well, this (posted at Rethinking the Dollar):

Civilization is breaking down.

So stay safe out there!

Little time is left.

To prepare.



Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar




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