Economy Goes Down FAST. This Will Only Get Worse as Mass Job Cuts, Unemployment Escalate!

We are in the middle of the most overvalued market ever. Despite the fact that we have come down significantly from the highest point, on many, many metrics, we are seeing massive overvaluation. It’s very clear that the market sees money printing as a positive note. Most importantly, they realize that the Fed is the only one who can save their investments, retirement accounts, and potentially, their jobs.


SPX valuations overvalued.jpg (1153×727)

Nothing Is Certain But Bailouts: How Stimulus Works in a Vacuum

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corp profits until 2023_0.jpg (778×467)

retail sales april 2020.jpg (1280×593)

consumer spending bofa summary april 2020.jpg (1172×1335)

bac credit data.jpg (1051×1160)

BofA MoM BofA April 2020.jpg (944×508)

BofA YoY drop retail april 2020_0.jpg (888×342)

aggregate daily spending april 2020.jpg (1118×435)

aggregate daily spending.jpg (670×503)

restaurant spending.jpg (724×526)

Moody’s May Cut $22 Billlion of CLO Bonds on Pandemic Losses – Bloomberg

list surged.jpg (1212×569)

Illinois Seeks a Bailout From Congress for Pensions and Cities – The New York Times

24 Hour Fitness weighs bankruptcy amid coronavirus pandemic

JPMorgan Chase Stops Accepting HELOC Applications Due to Coronavirus Uncertainty | Nasdaq

Mile-Long Food Bank Car Lines Between Luxury Hotels in Miami

(3) Sven Henrich on Twitter: “This crisis is following the same script as the last one 12 years ago: The poor get poorer, the middle class shrinks, the big boys get bailed out and the bottom 90% gets settled with all the new record debt. And then central bankers get “Hero” magazine covers.” / Twitter



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