Edward Snowden says a report critical to an NSA lawsuit is authentic

by UsedConcentrate

Edward Snowden in a signed declaration states that a document relied upon in a case filed by the EFF, which seeks to challenge the government’s alleged illegal and unconstitutional surveillance of Americans, is actually the same document that he came upon during the course of his employment as NSA contractor.
The document (PDF) is a draft NSA Inspector General Report from 2009 discussing the mass surveillance program known as Stellar Wind, which the NSA itself refuses to acknowledge as authentic.

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Snowden states:

During the course of my employment by Dell and Booz Allen Hamilton, I worked at NSA facilities. I had access to NSA files and I became familiar with various NSA documents. One of the NSA documents I became familiar with is entitled ST-09-0002 Working Draft, Office of The Inspector General, National Security Agency, dated March 24, 2009. I read its contents carefully during my employment. I have a specific and strong recollection of this document because it indicated to me that the government had been conducting illegal surveillance.

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