Effective! Nurse gets vaxed, months later gets COVID, doesn’t recover for MONTHS, still suffers from EXTREME Fatigue

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  • Anna Kern, a 33-year-old nurse, got long COVID several months after being fully vaccinated.
  • Doctors are starting to recognize that these cases are possible, even if they’re extremely rare.
  • Kern said she’s struggling to return to work while dealing with extreme fatigue.

Anna Kern got her second vaccine dose five months ago, but it wasn’t a ticket to normality. Kern, a 33-year-old nurse practitioner, tested positive for COVID-19 in April and has been struggling with long COVID ever since.

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The post-viral illness is characterized by symptoms that last a minimum of three weeks but can often drag on for months. Kern said her symptoms had gotten steadily worse. At first, she had chills and felt rundown, so she cut back her work hours – Kern had been doing COVID-19 tests in the Detroit area. Then she started experiencing extreme fatigue after minor activities like a walk or a jog.

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