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So we all know that the presidential race isn’t actually called until December 14th in Washington D.C. when the electoral college cast their votes. We also know that the MSM and the Biden camp conveniently claimed victory about five seconds before Giuliani announced a slew of major voter fraud lawsuits being filed Monday and two or three eyewitnesses to said voter fraud. We’ve all seen the Project Veritas whistleblower videos as well. We know Trump won and we know the democrats cheated. What doesn’t make sense is why “The Winning Team” is mounting massive protest in Washington D.C.

What I think is that they’ve known they had to push the envelope on voter fraud for sometime to steal this election. They knew they had no chance of getting away with the massive amounts of voter fraud needed to steal this election so they planned accordingly. What if they planned the “Shutdown D.C.” protest not to make Trump leave the White House as they have claimed but to stop the electoral college from casting their votes and verifying the legitimacy of Trump’s second term?

Since Pelosi started insinuating she would be picking the next president if a president wasn’t determined by the end of this term (Jan 21, 2020), I’ve been wondering how Pelosi and the rest of congress could have certified elections if the national vote hadn’t been settled. It’s because the only election that needs the electoral college to certify the votes is the presidential election.

They really have started a civil war. Their first attack started on Nov. 3rd, 2020 and they attacked Washington D.C. and is typical of basic warfare. It’s a logistical strike. All they have to do is make it impossible for the electoral college to certify the vote and they win.


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